Noah Schnapp Stated Stranger Things Will Byers Is Gay and In Love with Mike!

Noah Schnapp Stated Stranger Things Will Byers Is Gay and In Love with Mike!

Stranger Things Will Byers is gay and in love with Mike, according to Noah Schnapp

Since the debut of Stranger Things season four, many people have had suspicions, which Noah Schnapp has now verified.

However, Will Byers from Schnapp has stayed inexplicably unmarried while many of the young protagonists in the enduring Netflix series have found love connections.

There have been numerous signs of the character’s potential homosexuality in the most recent season.

The Hawkins teen’s actor, however, has now officially admitted it.

He told Variety that it is “quite obvious this season” that Will feels something for Mike.

“Over the past few seasons, they’ve been purposefully leaving that out. That was hinted at and then slowly, gradually developed even in Season 1.

“I believe that for Season 4, it was just me portraying this character who adores his best friend but struggles to know whether he’ll be welcomed or not, and who feels like a mistake and like he doesn’t belong.

Noah Schnapp Stated Stranger Things Will Byers Is Gay and In Love with Mike!

Will had had that experience before.

Will’s sexuality was left up to the audience’s interpretation in the first volume of season four, according to Schnapp, who spoke to Variety at the time.

But by the time volume two was released, it was much clearer that Will wanted his friendship with Mike (Finn Wolfhard) to transcend beyond their Dungeons & Dragons gaming sessions.

Defeating the creatures from Upside Down has kept Schnapp’s character very busy in past seasons.

However, he had the opportunity to examine more aspects of Will Byers in season four.

I had to investigate how he dealt with personal identification concerns as well as his difficulties with maturation and high school integration. I had never done it before,” he said to Variety.

While it was difficult to witness Will’s feelings of isolation and identity crisis, Noah Schnapp reports that many people have told him that his plot has served to validate real-life problems.

“People have approached me — just recently, I was in Paris, and this, like, a 40-year-old man approached me and said, “Wow, this Will character made me feel so amazing. And I really could relate to it.

“I was simply so delighted to hear that. They are doing a fantastic job of portraying this real human, their journey, and their struggles.

In order to give the character a sense that he wasn’t really alone, he added, the scene between Will and his older brother Jonathan was written as they were filming.

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