The Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU has been announced for just $349

Nvidia RTX 2060 CEO

Today at CES 2019, Nvidia announced a new low-end graphics card, the RTX 2060. The new entry-level option will go for just $349. The announcement was made during Nvidia’s keynote where they showed off the power of the new card by running a Battlefield V raytracing demo.

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia claims that the RTX 2060 will perform better than a 1070 Ti, and 60 percent faster than its predecessor, the GTX 1060. The CEO also says that the GPU is able to run Battlefield V with ray-tracing on at 60 FPS with a 1440p resolution. However, the demo did have a pretty beefy Core i9 Processor.

With the release of the RTX 2060, Nvidia is now allowing their partners to launch their own versions of the cards. The new cards will likely offer better cooling to the GPU.  This is a welcome change, as the rest of the RTX series is only available in the founder’s edition.

Personal Thoughts on the Nvidia RTX 2060:

I’ve been looking to upgrade from my 1070 for a while now. But the high cost of the newer GPU’s has been quite off-putting. With the release of this budget option, I’ll have a great upgrade for a pretty decent price. Very much looking forward to this.  What do you think about this change? Let us know down below or leave a comment on our facebook page.

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