Oh no! Telegram will receive publicity

Although many users continue to prefer applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram continues to grow impressively.

The messaging platform has even received a large flow of new ones users recently when problems with Facebook servers, with 70 millions users to join its platform.

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However, one of the great challenges it continues to face is its weak capacity to generate revenue, which is extremely important for the maintenance and livelihood of the Telegram.

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For some time now there has been talk of implementing ways for Telegram to be able to increase its sources of income and now they have announced the implementation of the Telegram Ad platform. This new program will allow users and organizations to send sponsored messages.

However, everything indicates that these “ advertisements” will be very different what platforms like Facebook and Google have accustomed us to.

Advertising on Telegram won’t be so

hardcore as in rival platforms

On the official page of the new advertising platform the company leaves some information that should rest its users.

It will only be allowed to post sponsored messages in public groups with more than 708 users registered. In this way, they guarantee that you will not receive any kind of advertisements in your groups or private messages.

In addition, the Telegram team made a point of stressing the fact that they will not compromise from in no way their position regarding the privacy of their users.

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Therefore, they guarantee that they will not use any information from users to manage and optimize the advertising platform.

If all promises are kept and there is no change in plans during the coming months, the implementation of advertising on Telegram could be excellent for both the company and users.

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