Oingo Boingo Controversy, “Little Girls” by Oingo Boingo, Remains The Creepiest Music Video Of All Time

Oingo Boingo Controversy

Sia’s “Elastic Heart” music video, which featured Shia LaBeouf and dancer Maddie Ziegler wrestling in a brotherly manner, will lead to a complete apology from the artist.

Danny Elfman, a Grammy-winning composer, was expressing concepts that no one would dare put online in 2022 back in 1981.

It’s no coincidence that his song “Little Girls” has amassed over 6 million views on YouTube since its release on the band’s debut album Only a Lad.

If you haven’t seen it or haven’t had it ingrained in your mind, view it now at your own risk.

Do you feel a twinge of shame? Sorry. In the video, a predator lives in a mansion created by M.C. Escher and filled with voyeuristic dwarves dressed in smart-casual attire, who don’t seem to worry about the one-way mirror or my frigid exterior, according to the song’s chorus hook, which is horrifically catchy. There are several small girls that come and play with the character; they pillow fight with him, restrain him, kiss him, and float in a void.

If so, was it a Nabokovian investigation of child abuse? At Comic-Con in 2010, Elfman was asked about the video.

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He Concluded

Danny Elfman writes a solo album with 'venom' pouring out - ABC News

How did I come up with the idea? As a beginner, I was basically latching onto everything that sprang into my thoughts and singing from the perspective of the characters.

These were just things that I found amusing or interesting, and I would get into the character of. The newspaper was often the only source of inspiration for my writing.

In the past, I’d read an article and get inspired to write a song by it. So it wasn’t a true reflection of my personality, but it was fun and I knew it was sarcastic.

When I first began out, I was on a mission to infuriate everyone. In order to avoid offending anyone, I embraced any topic I could find.”

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What He Meant?

Danny Elfman to Restore the Classic Batman/Superman Themes | by Phil Roberts | CineNation | Medium

After winning a Grammy for Batman’s score and an Emmy for Desperate Housewives’, Elfman said it wasn’t about composing “from the standpoint of a pedophile” but rather delivering out a “in-your-face sarcastic jab” to the AV Club in 2014, doubling down on this.

It wasn’t only that Only A Lad was critical of capitalism, but that he also intended to agitate the left.

As he continued, “I just basically make fun of everyone, and I didn’t view anyone as being protected from that.”

If my politics were left, I would still mock political correctness and organized left-wing politics as often as I would the right.

There is a sense of ridiculousness in all structured political parties to me.” It’s fair game for parody or satire. At the end of the day, I saw no use in belonging to anything or anyone.

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