Tiktok: What Is the Old Grannies Meme? with Explicit Google Search, Users Trait Others!

Users of TikTok are playing practical jokes on one another by searching for a specific word on Google – DON’T DO IT!

Trends on TikTok spread like wildfire. Before you know it, everyone is trying it out. It starts with one person copying another, followed by another person copying them. However, patterns occasionally emerge that you wish had never happened in the first place.

With the Old Grannies fad, exactly that has happened. Everyone is being duped by someone who thought it would be hilarious to deceive them into conducting a Google search that yields troubling results.

Tiktok Users Joke About with The Meme of The Old Grannies

Tiktok: What Is the Old Grannies Meme? with Explicit Google Search, Users Trait Others!

If you’ve recently spent a lot of time on TikTok, you might have noticed that many users talk frequently about elderly grandmothers.

We all adore our grandparents, and there are some entertaining accounts devoted to OAPs around the world, but the videos we’re discussing today are a little more frightening.

Users of TikTok are pranking each other by instructing them to utilize their internet search engine to look for specific terms as part of a recent trend. I’m talking about “old grannies.” I’m cautioning you not to do it.

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Users on Social Media Are Advising Everyone Not to Do It.

Many individuals have been using Twitter to explain to others WHY they SHOULDN’T search for “ancient grannies” in Google since the TikTok craze went widespread.

“DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH OLD GRANNIES AND GO TO IMAGES,” a Twitter user exclaimed. TikTok, you are to be damned.

Another person chimed in, saying, “Okay, I just saw this TikTok, and whatever you do, don’t look up old grandmothers on pictures.”

Still curious? Okay, we’ll explain what happens if you search for it.

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What Results from A Google Search for “old Grannies”?

We’ll tell you what comes up in a Google search for “ancient grannies” if you’re really interested.

The search keyword returns hundreds of graphic images of senior citizens. And by revealing, we don’t just mean a little bit; these are some seriously X-rated pictures.

Having been forewarned