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Oli performs as a vocalist and is well-known on the internet. In their own words, they are “non-binary Koreans.” Over the years, Oli has made no secret of their admiration for Korea and Jimin. Singer and Internet star Oli London was born and raised in England.

Since 2013, they’ve been famous for undergoing extensive plastic surgery to look like BTS member Jimin. London publicly acknowledged on Twitter in 2021 that they are transracial and non-binary, using the pronouns “they/them” and “transitioning” from white to Asian.

Oli London Before And After Surgery


According to Oli, operating is something he looks forward to. Oli admitted that he had spent a lot of money trying to look like Jimin, one of his idols in the group BTS. London just posted a video to YouTube justifying their decision to undergo 18 procedures to look like BTS’ Park Ji-min.

According to them, their interest in South Korea and Korean culture began at a young age. After some time overseas, they learned that the government of South Korea was looking for people from outside the country to fill the role of English teachers.

London left for Korea in search of job opportunities as an English teacher in 2013. They “fell in love with the country” after experiencing Korean culture through their work on Jeju Island.

Upon returning from South Korea, they decided to improve their appearance with a variety of surgical procedures. Their appearance has been altered thanks to these surgeries.

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Oli London Actual Face


Oli London is an activist and influencer from Britain. His genuine appearance is popular online.

Oli claimed they underwent a facelift, forehead lift, temple lift, eye surgery, and dental work to make themselves resemble Jimin of the Okay-pop band BTS.

Oli London, who has millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, has claimed that they are fluent in Korean and deeply invested in Korean culture. In addition, they said that they were “locked in my body for so long” and called it a brave decision to “come out as Korean.” London expressed their desire for others to respect my decision on social media.

Oli London Family


The parents of Oli were English, thus that’s where he was born. Nothing about their background was available to us in the public domain, therefore we were unable to learn more about them.

Thus, they have no idea who their biological parents are. Whether or not they have any sibling(s) is likewise unknown. As soon as we have more information on their family, this section will be revised.

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Oli London Identity


In 2021, London announced on Twitter that they are transracial and non-binary, using the pronouns “they/them/Korean/Jimin” and indicating that they are “transitioning” from white to Asian.

Their transition has been the subject of heated discussion, with some on social media alleging that London’s comments are harmful to the transgender community.



London’s TV career consists of cameo appearances, and the emphasis is on surgical procedures.

Attracting attention from the press began after they were featured in an episode of the 2018 Barcroft TV documentary series Hooked On The Look, which detailed their cosmetic procedures to resemble Jimin.

Their 2019 K-pop debut single, “Perfection,” was a multilingual English-Korean song about the euphoria they had after undergoing surgery, but it was panned by critics for having too much autotune.

London made their acting debut in the 2021 partially fictionalized short documentary film Gangnam Beauty, which premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. In the film, London played both themselves and a sculptor who must create fourteen different masks to appease the gods and save their village.

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Personal life


London has stated that despite being an atheist, they pray to a cardboard cutout of Jimin. Despite their previous criticism of Islamic ideas on women’s attire, they now claim that they respect people of all faiths.

They are an advocate for LGBT and women’s rights, and they back the anti-racist Black Lives Matter movement.

They used the singular they to announce their gender nonconformity on Twitter during Pride Month in 2021. In the middle of the year 2022, they revealed themselves to the world as a transgender lady.

London considers themselves South Korean even if they have British ancestry. The world took notice of their racial change, and it sparked a discussion about the relative merits of transracial and transgender identities.

Oli London Before and After

The Paper’s Sandra Song wrote that they were “fetishizing” South Korean culture, calling what they did “very disrespectful, especially since it basically trivializes our identities because they’re suddenly ‘trendy.'”

Despite receiving death threats online, London has maintained that its transracial identity is purely personal and that its only goal is cultural appreciation. The community rallied around them in support.

The American activist Rachel Dolezal, who also garnered attention because of her race, said that other people shouldn’t be overly concerned with someone’s personal identity, even London’s.

Someone with “an obsessive and impetuous personality,” as London puts it. Weekly lessons with a private tutor help them improve their Korean language skills.

He dated French pornstar Angelique Morgan between 2018 and 2020. London has discussed the damaging impact of racism on their relationships with loved ones and the general public.

Because of this, they gradually became socially isolated and unable to sustain any sort of committed relationship with another person. London has spent almost £230,000 on over twenty cosmetic procedures and a skin lightening injection every three months since April 2022.

They stated that they would begin offering penis reduction operations the same year “The standard penis size in Korea is approximately 3.5 inches. You can’t be Korean, they say. I’ve been told, “You’re not 100 percent Korean,” and all I want is to be fully Korean.

Even if it meant having a penis reduction to get me down to the typical male size in Korea, I would do it.” They were accused of perpetuating a stereotype about East Asian men because of this statement.

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