The Transformation of Oli London Before Surgery!

Oli London, a British actor, singer, and influencer on YouTube, has a big global following. After exclusively speaking with Fox News Digital on Monday about his process of detransitioning back to a man after living as a transgender woman for the previous six months, London is now opening up about the exorbitant price of his several operations, which came to a total of $300,000.

London, a Caucasian man who wanted to resemble a South Korean woman, underwent 32 major operations to achieve his goal of looking like the latter.

He told Fox News Digital, “I started having surgery when I stayed in Korea back in 2013,” “I was constantly very self-conscious and used to endure everyday bullying and taunts for my appearance, particularly my nose. My never-ending quest to perfect my appearance began when I had dreams of being attractive and accepted by others around me.

Oli London Before Surgery Pictures as Instagram Star Identifies as Korean

oli london before surgery

The white British influencer Oli London, who claimed to have undergone 32 plastic surgeries to resemble Park Ji-min of the BTS band, has apologized to the singer and to the Asian community, calling their behavior “obsessive,” “wrong,” and “unhealthy.”

London, who has one million TikTok followers and refers to people using the pronouns “they” and “them,” has already been under fire and criticism from professionals and academics for claiming to be Korean.

The influencer has openly said they’ve had liposuction, penis-reduction surgery, eye surgery, and other treatments to “appear more Korean.” Asian community members have previously accused London of cultural appropriation, claiming that the procedures fostered anti-Korean stereotypes.

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oli london before surgery

A video titled “APOLOGY VIDEO (My Apology to Jimin & the Asian Community)” was uploaded to YouTube by London on August 29. London admitted, “It was foolish of me to try to copy Ji-min in such an obsessive way. “I just need to love myself; I can’t be anyone else.”

London claimed that because of the bullying they had in school, they had low self-esteem. When they learned about Park, they believed he was the “way to happiness,” and they made an effort to “become” him.

While they “realize now it wasn’t the correct thing to do,” London claimed they had no “bad intentions.” They claimed that their recent marriage to a person they describe as a “Ji-min look-a-like” had helped them understand they could be happy without attempting to imitate Park. Early in August, London revealed in an interview with Newsweek and SWNS that they had paid for their 19-year-old husband Danny Richardson to have plastic surgery in order to resemble Ji-min.

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They continue to “Identify as Korean,” According to London.

London said in a statement given to Insider that they identify as “transracial,” a term they have frequently used to describe themselves. The statement continued, “living as a legally recognized Korean” and expressed the goal of receiving honorary Korean citizenship.

In addition, London claimed that they had been receiving counseling to address their “addiction to plastic surgery.” “I made drastic changes to my entire life in the hopes of achieving Jimin’s beauty and talent. But I’ve finally realized this was unhealthy and wrong, “Then the statement went on.

Being “transracial” is a term that is much debated. A person cannot identify as “transracial” in the same way that individuals identify as transgender since a person does not inherit their gender in the same way that they inherit their race, according to a July 2021 article by Braden Hill and Stevie Lane from Edith Cowan University in Australia.

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While some viewers expressed support for the video in the comments, many others opposed it, saying they did not believe the influencer should have apologized while still claiming to be Korean.

One of the top comments, which received 229 likes, wrote, “You can love Korea and understand what its culture has done for you (which I am truly delighted for you to say), but that doesn’t make you Korean. London acknowledged this criticism in a subsequent statement to Insider, but reiterated that they “identify as Korean.”

“My adoration for Korean culture remains the same. I’ve now realized that my excessively obsessive behavior with Jimin was not normal and was caused by my deep-seated internal sadness as a result of the years of bullying I experienced regarding my appearance as a child “they claimed.