Who Is Oliver Tree Dating? Get to Know His Present Girlfriend Here!

Belle Delphine, a longtime favorite of OnlyFans, is trending as usual.

The South African-born model, 23, gained popularity online on YouTube before having her account suspended in 2020 for breaking the terms of service. She responded to fan criticism by coming back to YouTube in the same way she had before. And that wasn’t the only incident in that Belle found herself in the spotlight.

For an NSFW video on OnlyFans, she worked with Canadian content creator Twomad. It was rumored that her boyfriend was the cameraman.

Is Oliver Tree Dating Belle Delphine?

oliver tree dating

It appears that Belle and Oliver aren’t romantically involved, despite what some fans might think. But given the video they shared on social media in early November 2022, it wouldn’t be difficult to believe.

The two passionately locked tongues, or should we say lips, in the now-viral TikTok video. What finding love on the internet looks like, Oliver captioned the video that he submitted to his account.

Viewers expressed their astonishment in the comments section, particularly given the age difference of almost ten years between the two.

“I’m through it. I’m through. This is really awful, I know it’s for shock value and whatever,” one person remarked. “After this comment, I’m going to unadd every Oliver Tree song on my playlist,” another commenter said.

There is no evidence that Oliver and Belle are genuinely dating, despite the fact that their video sparked a lot of controversy and attention. Melanie Martinez, a participant on The Voice, has previously been linked to the musician and comedian.

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Belle Delphine and The Oliver Tree Kissing Tiktok

oliver tree dating

Oliver Tree is seen sitting at a dressing table with his back to the camera in the first scene of the movie. The singer’s hit song Miss You, for which the music video was made public on October 28, serves as the soundtrack for the pictures.

He turns to face the camera and quickly assumes an appalled, gaping expression. The 29-year-old is holding a pink game console and sporting pink cat-eared headphones. Oliver’s response is then shown to the audience via camera panning.

At this point, Belle Delphine walks in through a door while sporting a pink cat earwig, pink blouse, and pink top. She licks her teeth in a suggestive manner as the camera pans in on her face, then Oliver follows suit.

An awkward attempt at a kiss by the couple can be seen in the video’s final frame.

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What Is the Name of Belle Delphine’s Boyfriend?

oliver tree dating

The South African model was supposedly in a relationship and had been for three years, according to The Sun in June 2022. It’s unknown if they’re still dating nowadays.

She mentioned that she would be working with a partner on a Happy Hour podcast episode in 2020 to JaackMaate and Stevie White, but she withheld his name. However, some internet research indicates that the unidentified man may go by the name of Joshua Gray. However, there is no proof to support the rumors.

Naturally, not everyone was pleased to hear the news of Belle’s dating status. Some of her subscribers even accused her of single-fishing (if that’s even a thing), if that’s even a thing.

One of her (ex) followers tweeted, “Belle Delphine was in a relationship with her boyfriend the entire time she was Belle Delphine online but didn’t inform anyone about said boyfriend until years later out of fear of losing subs on OnlyFans.” “This is a major dilemma for these women,” they continued. It is, and I’m not even joking!

We certainly don’t blame her for keeping her dating life private given the backlash she has faced.

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An American musician, record producer, and comedian by the name of Oliver Tree Nickell. Tree, a California native who was raised in Santa Cruz, signed with Atlantic Records in 2017 following the success of his song “When I’m Down,” and in 2020 he will release his debut studio album, Ugly Is Beautiful.

Many different people have responded to the video and its caption, so it seems sensible that some fans are perplexed. Some people are speculating about whether this indicates that Oliver and Belle are dating or whether Oliver merely paid Belle to appear in the video.