On the Chicago Fire, What Happened to Anna Turner?

If you’re a fan of One Chicago, you’ve probably experienced more heartache than you can count over the years thanks to the shows.

The heartache has returned with the return of Chicago Wednesdays.

Chicago Fire will always hold a particular place in the hearts of fans because it was the first installment of Wolf Entertainment’s well-known Chicago franchise, even if all three shows are undoubtedly beloved in equal measure.

It asked us to get to know the Chicago Fire Department at the made-up Firehouse 51 back in 2012, and a variety of people have since emerged through those doors.

Viewers were prompted to wonder what happened to Anna on Chicago Fire as season 11 got underway by a figure from the past being brought to mind.

The Chicago Fire: What Happened to Anna?

When Kelly Severide was giving his bone marrow to her in season 5 because none of her family members was a match, he and Anna Turner met.

She was a leukemia patient of Jeff Clarke’s, and it was he who suggested donating to Kelly because they shared common Norwegian ancestry and were therefore a good match.

On the Chicago Fire, What Happened to Anna Turner?

The two of them clicked after the process, and they went on a number of dates throughout the rest of the season.

Tragically, after appearing to get better at first, her condition deteriorated. Kelly was by her side when she ultimately went away as a result of leukemia-related complications. Kelly had gone with her to the hospital with her for treatment.

After she passed away, a hospital wing was named in her honor. It is believed that Kelly was essential in making sure she was memorialized in this tangible way. Fast forward to now.

Who Actually Played Anna Turner on Chicago Fire?

Charlotte Sullivan played Anna in the movie.

The Canadian actress, 38, has since landed roles on programs like Law & Order: Organized Crime (as Gina Cappalletti), Pretty Hard Cases (as Adele French), Mary Kills People (as Nicole Mitchell) and Caught (Jennifer Baker).

On the Chicago Fire, What Happened to Anna Turner?

She appeared in Rookie Blue (starring Gail Peck), MVP (starring Mandy), and other films prior to Chicago Fire, on the other hand.

There are further roles in the movies The Colony, Radius, and 12 Pups of Christmas (as Rex), and Jane) (Kai).

‘I Started Crying Reading the Script’

Charlotte spoke candidly about her character’s journey’s conclusion in an interview with TV Insider after she left the show:

“I started crying reading the script, when he told her that he’d be the positive one, he’d stick it out with her no matter what happened. On the set, when Anna finally let her guard down and sobbed in his arms, Taylor played it so beautifully. He was great in every episode, but these ones were really hard for him, and he just blew me away.”

She continues by saying that she finds it “sad even talking about” filming the last sequence, which she “couldn’t wait” to be over. She does, however, add that “the crew was extremely supportive in maintaining the set’s calm. Taylor was fantastic, and we had to complete several tasks that were quite difficult.