On the Set of Their Nike Movie, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Were Seen Together

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have resumed their jobs. The lifelong friends and coworkers were captured in photographs on the Los Angeles set of their untitled Nike film on Tuesday.

The Boston natives were dressed casually, with Affleck, 49, donning a dark-gray button-down over a white shirt and slacks, as they walked side by side while holding Diet Cokes in their hands.

Unlike Affleck, who had facial hair, Damon, 51, wore a colorful shirt and finished his appearance with a pair of dark pants.

According to a PEOPLE report from April, Damon and Affleck are writing, producing, and starring in a sports thriller produced by Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports about Nike’s route to signing its mega-deal with Michael Jordan. The actors’ production company, Mandalay Pictures, was slated to contribute to the production as well.

The movie is being directed by Affleck, who is portraying Nike co-founder Phil Knight, and stars Damon as former Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro, who assisted the third-ranked shoe brand in securing its significant contract with the NBA great in the 1980s.

The untitled Amazon movie is inspired by the real-life events of Vaccaro’s attempts to negotiate a shoe deal with Jordan, then 59, during the basketball legend’s illustrious career. Jordan, however, won’t be featured in the movie and will continue to exist as an unnoticed character.

On the Set of Their Nike Movie, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Were Seen Together

According to PEOPLE, Alex Convery’s original screenplay for the movie Air Jordan was first picked up by Mandalay Pictures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Skydance Sports President Jon Weinbach “was key in getting Vaccaro’s life rights” for the picture purchased by Mandalay Pictures Vice President Jordan Moldo.

In contrast, Affleck and Damon’s bond was solidified when they first entered the entertainment industry as a team with the release of Good Will Hunting, which made them the youngest persons to ever win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1998.

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They would later co-star in movies like Dogma (1999) and The Last Duel (2021), the latter of which marked their first collaboration on a screenplay in almost 20 years.

Affleck discussed the effect their relationship has had on his mental health over the course of their years together in the spotlight in Damon’s GQ profile from last October.

He claimed that while he couldn’t speak for Matt, “my own kind of sanity and mental health really benefited from having someone I grew up with and knew as a child who was also going through something similar — this 20-plus journey of being in the public eye — with whom I could reflect on it honestly, talk things over with, and be myself with, and with whom I knew why we were friends, why he was interested in and loved me, and why I loved him.

“I frequently wonder how people who suddenly find success and are put into situations like this manage to accomplish so without having a support system. Who can they rely on? Who previously knew them?” Added Affleck. “This relationship we’ve had has really been such a benefit to me — and, I suppose, I hope, to Matt.”

On the Set of Their Nike Movie, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Were Seen Together

Damon said he takes efforts to maintain their relationship in the same way as it was in the past. You get what I mean when I say, “Like, I don’t want to be his friend in public.” stated Damon. “It’s a bond that transcends anything and everything, and it’s just too essential for that. It’s a big part of my life, and in that sense, it’s not for public consumption.”

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