Ondreaz Lopez Dating- Complete Timeline of Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking’s Relationship

ondreaz lopez dating

Ondreaz Lopez, like his brother Tony, is one of TikTok’s most popular users, owing to the popular dancing videos he produces on the social media platform. In addition, the Lopez brothers have a YouTube channel with over 1.8 million subscribers. Fans naturally want to know everything about the Hype House member, and many have probably pondered who Ondreaz’s girlfriend would be in 2020.

Timeline of Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking’s Relationship

The TikTokers started rumors of a connection in September of 2020, when they appeared on one other’s social media pages on a daily basis, frequently referring to each other as “bae.” Supporters naturally assumed the two were dating, but they took advantage of the situation to confuse their fans.

On TikTok, the couple would frequently post ‘nearly kissing’ films in which they pretended to be about to kiss before pausing. However, when a TikTok video showed them kissing to the song Electric Love, the relationship appeared to be verified.

ondreaz lopez dating

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Hannah and Ondreaz made a YouTube skit titled ‘Am I Dating Ondreaz Lopez’ towards the end of September. Ondreaz appeared to reject all of Hannah’s advances in the video, asking, “Does she actually think we’re dating?” in response to her playfully claiming, “As you can see, Ondreaz didn’t actually kick me off his property, and I. don’t know like we might even be dating now.” However, they confirmed their love in October when they received matching tattoos.

“The night was amazing, and the tattoos came out awesome,” Isaac Pelayo remarked of their Greek deity tattoos. Ondreaz was particularly focused on obtaining an image of Ares, the god of war, in order to emphasize the fact that he is an Aries. To go with Ondreaz’s Ares, Hannah requested a painting of Athena on her foot.” The couple has been open about their romance since then, with public PDA and regular TikTok videos.

Are They Married Now?

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez did technically get engaged, but viewers assumed it was for a funny performance. Videos showed a proposal in New York’s Times Square, with their photos on billboards that read, “Will you marry me?” Hannah throws the ring down a drain in Times Square later in the videos.

In the end, supporters felt the video was a prank rather than a serious proposal. In other news, people are baffled by bizarre celebrity fast food collaborations.

Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking Have Matching Tattoos

ondreaz lopez dating

The TikTok Shade Room posted a photo of Ondreaz and fellow influencer/model Hannah Stocking with similar tattoos on Oct. 13. Ondreaz is seen pretending to lick Hannah’s foot, which is covered in the same new ink as Ondreaz’s shoulder. (Note that because you can’t see the person’s face, it may be anyone.)

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez’s Relationship Ended?

Many high-profile influencer couples go public with their breakups, posting joint YouTube videos, inspiring quote Instagram stories, and removing any traces of their ex-partners. In their breakup, TikToker Ondreaz Lopez and YouTube actress Hannah Stocking are said to be struggling with much more severe concerns.

The two teased fans with their courtship for weeks before confirming their relationship with matching tattoos in October 2020. Ondreaz is best known for being a member of Hype House and for getting his start in the music industry by collaborating with his younger brother, Tony Lopez, on dance videos.

Hannah, on the other hand, has a total of 7.68 million YouTube subscribers and 18.7 million Instagram followers. Despite the fact that their love had people buzzing for months, it appears that they have broken up. Ondreaz is charged with sexually abusing a minor.

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What Was the Situation with Ondreaz Lopez? Details on The Charges Leveled Against Him

ondreaz lopez dating

Ondreaz Lopez has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, just weeks after Tony Lopez was sued for sexual abuse and mailing sexually graphic images to kids (which he denies).

The charges appeared to stem from SainttBaby’s TikTok account.

A video of Ondreaz reportedly speaking to the mother of a 14-year-old girl was released by the lady behind the account. In the video, Ondreaz is not seen, but a male voice can be heard in the background. It’s impossible to say whether or not this is Ondreaz’s voice. A woman in the video inquires about the male’s age. He responds that he is 23 years old (which is how old Ondreaz is).

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