One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Will There Be a New Season? Latest Updates 2022!

Fans of Netflix’s mystery drama series One Of Us Is Lying have been captivated by the show’s twists and turns at Bayview High.

Season one is based on the same-named young adult mystery novel by Karen M. McManus. Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, Cooper, and Simon are five Bayview High School students who spend time in detention together before Simon suffers anaphylactic shock and passes away.

The show then digs into finding out who killed Simon, as every inmate in jail has their own opportunity and motive to want him dead.

The first season of One of Us Is Lying left viewers wanting more after shocking disclosures about what had happened to Simon at the end of the show. So far, here is everything we know about season two of “One of Us Is Lying”:

One of Us Is Lying Season 2 Potential Release Date: When Is It On?

One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Will There Be a New Season? Latest Updates 2022!

While we do not yet have a guaranteed release date for Season 2, be assured that it is on its way.

Peacock, NBC’s original streaming series, received so much positive feedback that the network has already confirmed it will be renewed for a second season.

According to Lisa Katz, head of scripted content for NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, “The fandom behind the series is very passionate and we can’t wait to offer more twists and turns that will have fans on the edge of their seats.”

Beatrice Springborn, president of UCP, stated, “From the moment we viewed the pilot Erica Saleh, showrunner penned, we knew this was a remarkable program and we’re delighted that Peacock thought the same.”

Shooting in New Zealand again, this time with Erica at the helm as showrunner is a thrilling development in the Bayview Four’s wacky and enjoyable saga in season two.

Production on Season 2 has not begun as of February 2022, thus we are using a release date of early 2023 as our best guess. One of Us Is Lying Season 2 is expected as released on 13 January 2023.

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Who Will Star in One of Us Is Lying Season 2?

One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Will There Be a New Season? Latest Updates 2022!

No one has been confirmed to return for Season 2 of “One of Us Is Lying.” President of Universal Content Productions Beatrice Springborn has hinted at “an intriguing new chapter in the crazy and colorful narrative of the Bayview Four,” so it seems likely that the four surviving inmates will return.

In other words, we can expect to see the return of Marianly Tejada (Bronwyn), Cooper van Grootel (Nate), Annalisa Cochrane (Addy), and Chibuikem Uche (Cooper).

The deaths of Mark McKenna (Simon) and Barrett Carnahan (Jake) at the end of season one make it doubtful that they will return in any substantial capacity. There’s a lot of room for flashbacks, though, so these two may make an appearance as well.

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One of Us Is Lying Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Will There Be a New Season? Latest Updates 2022!

The shocking events of Simon’s (Mark McKenna) incarceration in the first season ultimately led to his death. Thus, a new murder mystery will be the focus of Season 2.

Unfortunately, after Jake’s (Barrett Carnahan) role in Simon’s death was revealed, he was the one who wound up with the chalk outline around his body.

To scare his classmates, Simon planned all along to intentionally trigger himself anaphylactic shock by drinking the peanut oil he put in his water.

But Jake went farther, hiding Simon’s EpiPen on purpose to frame his cheating girlfriend Addy.

Addy, having pieced together the situation, proceeded to confront Jake, accompanied by Cooper and Janae. When Jake was shot and killed, things got even worse for them.

There is now a killer among these three, but which one has taken the final step is unknown.

The second season will explore this as a fresh criminal probe is launched and centers on them all.

The blood of innocent people is now in the hands of the Bayview Four. Whoever it was, they certainly didn’t wait for an answer before pulling the trigger.

One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Will There Be a New Season? Latest Updates 2022!

Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying will diverge from the book in a significant way, as the show is quite likely to pick up just where the book left off.

After a year has passed since Simon’s death, the story continues in the sequel, titled One of Us Is Next, in which the protagonists are tormented by a mysterious truth-or-dare-like app that gives them rules to live by and soon turns lethal.

To what extent this Gossip Girl–the inspired app will actually be available remains to be seen.

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One of Us Is Lying Season 2 Trailer: When Can We See It?

Everyone, please be patient. Patience. There is currently no information available.

But I think we’ll start to see results quite quickly if we just give it some time.

And we’ll be here to fill you in on all the tidbits.

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