Onza Promotes His Show, Sattva, a Political Drama Starring Luis Gamboa and Ruben Sanz for The Department of Time (exclusive)

Madrid-based Onza Entertainment, creators of “The Department of Time” and a partner on Dopamine’s historical drama “Hernan,” is developing the political drama series “Sattva” as part of its ongoing effort to create more premium content for the Latin American market under its Onza Americas banner.

The series is conceived as a transatlantic production between Mexico and Spain, with its creator being Spanish actor Ruben Sanz (from “El Dragon”) and its writer being Int’l Emmy-nominated Luis Gamboa (from “Promesas de Campaa”).

Onza will screen “Saatva” at the inaugural Co-Production & Financing Forum hosted by Iberseries & Platino Industria on September 28.

Valentina Pozzoli, Onza’s director of development and international co-productions, has said that the proliferation of streaming platforms and their insatiable demand for content has encouraged more content production. Inspiration has also come from the popularity of Spanish-language shows like “Money Heist,” “Casa de Papel,” “Oscuro Deseo,” and “Elite.” She mentioned that they are working on a wide range of series from different genres.

Onza Promotes His Show, Sattva, a Political Drama Starring Luis Gamboa and Ruben Sanz for The Department of Time (exclusive)

The eight-part series follows police officer Axel as he struggles with his criminal past after the kidnapping of a young woman he has always cared about. As he faces more challenges on his quest to find her, he will have to pay the price for his questionable past.

Isla Brava, produced by Onza Americas and TelevisaUnivision’s new subscription video on demand service ViX+ and headed by Los Angeles-based Harvey Grisalez, is currently in production. Taking advantage of the islands’ generous incentives, the hotel-themed melodrama is being shot on the Canary Islands.

Celebrities like Fernanda Castillo, Erik Hayser, Flavio Medina, and Bárbara López are featured in the new ViX+ Original series.

The plot of “Isla Brava,” written by Esther Feldman and directed by Pitipol Ybarra, begins on the night that Luca (Fernanda Castillo), the wife of the wealthy resort’s owner Alfredo (Flavio Medina), tells him she has feelings for his younger brother Bruno (Erik Hayser). Alfredo disappears the same night. To crack the case, a detective with an unconventional approach is called in. The investigation into Alfredo’s disappearance will unearth a murky history marked by avarice, blackmail, and mounting gambling debts.