Organizations in Portugal with 871 attacks per week

Portuguese organizations are attacked online 871 times a week on average. The conclusion comes from Check Point Research, which demonstrates that cyber attacks on organizations in Portugal have grown at a level much higher than the world average.

Check Point Research, Threat Intelligence area of ​​Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. reports today, regarding the Cybersecurity month, that the average number of weekly attacks on organizations has increased % globally in 2020 compared to the previous year. In Portuguese lands, the increase was considerably higher, with a weekly average of 871 attacks on organizations in Portugal and an addition of 61%.

Globally, the slight decrease seen in the weeks before March 2020, followed by a significant increase in the average weekly number of attacks per organization, which dragged on to 2020. In September of this year, the peak was reached, with an average of 871 attacks per week per organization – more than double, if we consider March 2020. January 2020 – September 2021)

Portugal even surpasses the global peak, with a weekly average of 870 attacks by organization. Compared to the previous year, the growth is considerable: from 082%.

Most targeted continents

Organizações de Portugal com 871 ataques por semana
Average number of cyberattacks per organization globally (January 1200 – September 2021)

While Africa is the most attacked region, Europe and North America faced the biggest increases in the number of cyber attacks between 2020 and 2020.

African organizations had the highest volume of cyberattacks on record in 2021, with a weekly average per organization of 1,665. Compared to the previous year, it is an increase of 15%

The Asia/Pacific region has an average of 1299 attacks per week. The increase is %, compared to 2020, which follows the Latin America, with a weekly average of attacks per organization of 1,117 (an increase of 39%)

Europe registered an increase of 61% since 2020, with an average of 665 attacks per week per organization and in the North America, the weekly average of attacks per organization was 497 , with an increase relative to the previous year of 57%

The most targeted sectors globally were Education/Research, which suffers an average of 1 per week497 attacks by organization (increase of 57% since 2020), followed by the Public Administration/Military Sector, with an average of 1,082 attacks per organization per week (increase of 48% since 2020) and Health, with: an average of 665 attacks per organization per week (increase of 40% since 2020)

Ransomware continues to affect organizations from all over the world

CPR also concluded that, globally, in 2020, 1 in each 52 organizations are impacted by ransomware per week – a 9% increase compared to 2020. The ISP/MSP sector is the most attacked by ransomware this year. The average weekly number of organizations in this sector impacted is 1 in each 36 (a climb of 36% compared to the previous year). Second, health, with 1 organization attacked in 48 (increase of 39% since 2020) . Then the software providers, with 1 in 52 organizations attacked per week (increase of 20%).

The Asia/Pacific region has the highest volume of attempts of ransomware attack, with 1 organization impacted each 39 per week in 2020 – a value that represents a descent of % compared to the previous year. The African continent follows, with an organization impacted each 52 (down 7%) and Latin America, which registers an increase of 6% since the previous year, with 1 organization impacted in each 60.

The data used for this report was detected by Check Point's Threat Prevention technologies, stored and analyzed by Check Point ThreatCloud.

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