Outer Banks ‘ Charles Esten Says He Feels Like an ‘Uncle’ or ‘Really Old Big Brother’ to Young Costars

According to PEOPLE, the Nashville alum’s younger castmates “blow my mind.

” Charles Esten has developed a strong friendship with his younger Outer Banks co-stars.

At the season 3 premiere of the smash Netflix program in Los Angeles on Thursday, the actor, 57, spoke exclusively to PEOPLE about the long-lasting bonds he’s formed with the young actors — and whether he feels like a father figure to them.

The Nashville alum, who plays Ward Cameron in the show, also stated that he is learning as much from his co-stars as they are from him.

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Outer Banks' ' Charles Esten Says He Feels Like an 'Uncle' or 'Really Old Big Brother' to Young Costars“However, for the most part, they blow my mind,” he remarked. “When I was their age, I was standing on the corner exactly up there, watching a premiere from the outside with my mother.” “I’m not sure if it’s father, more uncle, or a really elderly big brother,” the musician speculated.

“They’re extremely kind, and they listen to some things, and they’re quite kind about whatever teachings that the old person has ever taught them simply by being on the set together.

“How can you get that good that fasts and also hang on to who you are? They’re simply remarkable folks in my opinion. Therefore they have to teach as many lessons as I did,” Esten remarked.

Madelyn Cline, who plays Esten’s daughter Sarah Ward, attended the premiere with her ex-husband Chase Stokes, who plays John B, and Madison Bailey. Cline, 25, looked stunning in a shimmering baby blue gown, while Bailey, 24, wore a black and green metallic gown.

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Outer Banks' ' Charles Esten Says He Feels Like an 'Uncle' or 'Really Old Big Brother' to Young Costars

Austin North, Rudy Pankow, Drew Starkey, and Carlacia Grant also walked the red carpet at the Regency Village Theater debut.

“I actually saw a clip today of Ward and Sarah reunited somewhere somehow,” Esten teased about what fans may anticipate from the Pogues in season 3, which starts Feb. 23. And she tells him how much he’s ruined her life. ‘I know, I know,’ he says. And I apologize. ‘I’ll do my best to make it up.
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“So the question is, is it genuine? “Can you put your trust in Ward?” He went on. “It’s difficult at this moment.
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But if I’ve shown you anything, you must also know how much you adore Sarah. So that’s been an interesting trip for my character.”

“I’ve acquired all the gold, got all the treasure and the crossbow, but I don’t have the family that everything was for in the first place.