How to Fix It YouTube Not Working?

YouTube is not working, what do I do? If you’re having trouble with YouTube on your computer or mobile device, try these troubleshooting steps. Here are some things to try if you’re having problems playing a video or using other features of the site. 

The most popular video-sharing platform in the world, with a huge audience and support for lengthy lists of devices. Despite its tremendous appeal, users sometimes encounter difficulties. There are a number of issues YouTube must address, from the black screen to constant buffering to playback errors. There is no need to be concerned, however, if YouTube isn’t working on your device. We’ve devised 15 unique techniques for addressing a number of its nagging concerns in this post.

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YouTube Not Working? What You Need to Know About the Year 2021

In this part, we’ve covered 15 methods for dealing with a variety of YouTube issues. The actions are simple and can be handled by yourself. Aside from that, we’ve also outlined a number of procedures to provide you with a clearer idea of the issues and solutions.

Is YouTube Down?

If YouTube is down in your region, check first. Over the last few weeks, YouTube and other online platforms have suffered outages across the world as a result of high-volume network congestion. So, if YouTube isn’t working for everyone, it’s probable that it’s down. From here, you may find out whether YouTube is accessible or not.

Click on Clear Cache, Cookies, and Data.

Cookies, files, and other app data may sometimes prevent YouTube from operating correctly. If you’re having trouble getting Facebook to connect with your account, you may need to clear cache data and cookies. Here’s how to go about it.

Paste chrome-//settings/clearBrowserData in the Chrome URL bar and press enter. On the computer, open Chrome and paste chrome-//settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar. Then, under the Cache and Cookies menu, select All time and then change the Time Range to All time. Finally, click the Clear data button.

On an Android device, press and hold the YouTube app until all options have opened. Then select App Info from the drop-down menu. Go to Sound and Video Playback, then to Storage. Select Clear Data & Cache from the drop-down menu under each option.

You can’t manually delete the cache on iOS, but you may reinstall the app and start over without any problems.

Inspect Extensions

If YouTube is not accessible on your computer, it’s probable that some Chrome extensions are to blame. Follow these procedures to determine whether extensions are the source of your problem.

And now, open Chrome and press the Ctrl + Shift + N key combination at the same time to create an incognito window. Now, try to use YouTube and see if it is working. If you’re seeing suspicious extensions, it’s certainly time to take action.

Delete any malicious extensions. To do so, go to chrome-extensions/ and hit the enter key. Here’s how to remove dozens of extensions in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is go through each extension and remove any that you don’t know anything about. It should be noted that if you are not using Google Chrome, any other browser will do.

Close Chrome and reinstall the YouTube app

It’s possible that you’re using an out-of-date version of Chrome or the YouTube app, which isn’t fully compatible with the most recent build. In such cases, updating the app usually repairs most of the problems.

On the desktop, open Chrome and type chrome-//settings/help in the address bar. In some cases, as a result of software or hardware issues, your computer’s AMD graphics driver may not function correctly. In such circumstances, the manufacturer usually releases an update immediately to solve the problem. Here, look for the most recent update and install it right away.

On Android and iOS, update the YouTube app on your app store. It should, in all likelihood, resolve your issue.

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Check Site Settings

chrome/settings/content/javascript Javascript is required on both the browser and the server for executing YouTube correctly on desktop computers.

As in the desktop version, turn on the toggle for sound settings in Google Chrome. Similarly, paste chrome-//settings/content/sound into the address bar and enable the switch for sound settings. It will allow YouTube to play sound.

Check Proxy Settings

Sometimes, even if you remove shady extensions, some modifications may persist in force unless you reverse them manually. The proxy setting is one of them, since extensions change it, causing inaccessible websites to emerge. Follow these steps to restore your desktop’s proxy settings.

Paste the code into a new tab. In the address bar, type chrome- and then hit return. To disable a proxy, go to the section labeled “Windows,” select your computer from the drop-down menu, and then select Disable under Proxy settings. Now, go to YouTube and see if it’s active.

Update Graphics Driver

If you’re having trouble viewing YouTube videos on a black or green screen, it’s likely that your old graphics driver is to blame. Here’s how to get it back in working order.

On a Windows PC, simultaneously press the Windows and R keys to initiate a modest Run window. Once you’ve connected your keyboard, press the Control key and the letter D. On a PC, select Start from the menu at the left. Select Run in Windows Explorer or type devmgmt.msc and hit enter on a MAC.

Windows will start to load, and a Device Manager window should display. Double-clicking on Display Adapters should expand it. Click on Update Driver from each sub-menu to the right.

Finally, if you click on Search automatically, it will start hunting for the most recent Graphics driver on the internet. Please keep your computer linked to the internet. Then, restart your computer again and this time YouTube should run properly.

Control Hardware Acceleration

The ability to use hardware acceleration is a fantastic benefit for watching YouTube in high quality. However, if your machine is ancient, shutting it down will be a better alternative. You can watch YouTube videos without any stuttering or throttling using this plugin.

If you have a capable computer, however, enable hardware acceleration. On Windows, open the Chrome menu by clicking on chrome-style icons at the top right of your browser. Then choose “Settings.” You’ll find a settings page for this feature immediately under “Accounts” if you search under Settings -> On Windows, search for chrome-settings/system in Chrome’s menu and you will discover a special settings page

Update Time, Date, and Region

YouTube may not function correctly because to incorrect timezone, date, or region settings on the device. So all you have to do is sync the time with correct values, and YouTube will be functional again. Look for a time-related menu on your device’s Settings page. Now, reboot your device and try again, and hopefully this time YouTube will launch without a hitch.

 Uninstall Unknown Apps

There are several rogue applications available for download, many of which may cause issues with YouTube’s functionality. The easiest approach to deal with this issue is to remove unknown applications.

On a Windows PC, click Start. Click the Run option in the drop-down menu. Click Start and then Control Panel. Click the second item on the left, labeled Programs or Features. Select Uninstall a Program from the drop-down menu. In the Remove or Change column, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter to launch it with administrator privileges instead of as an ordinary user if necessary.

You may also discover dangerous applications through Chrome. To uninstall it, go to the address bar and paste chrome-/settings/cleanup. Then, choose to Find from the drop-down menu. You may then remove the applications.

Restore DNS

Name Server (DNS) servers are phonebooks for the internet that keep a record of domain names and their IP addresses. Occasionally, the DNS on PCs is altered, causing a website to fail to work. If the system changes, YouTube may become inaccessible. To repair the DNS on Windows PCs, perform the following processes.

Type cmd into the Run window and press Enter.

Type ipconfig /flushdns into the command window and then hit Enter. The DNS will be restored to its original settings.

On macOS, navigate to Applications – Utilities – Terminal and paste the following command, and hit enter. To delete the DNS cache, open the “System Preferences” menu and select “Network.” Select your network from the pull-down menu. Then choose “Advanced,” then double-click on the DNS icon. Choose “DNS Cache” and click Set… Enter your login password and press Return when prompted to confirm it.

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Reset Network Settings

If YouTube isn’t loading on your Android or iOS device, try turning off the airplane mode. After you’ve been flying for a while, turn off the airplane mode and see if YouTube is working. If the network settings aren’t correct, you can reset them entirely.

On your phone, go to the Settings page and select System – Reset Options – Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth. Finally, select the Reset Settings option.

Go to Settings – General – Reset on iOS, scroll all the way down, and then select Reset Network Settings. Now, restart your phone and see whether YouTube is accessible or not.

Update Operating System

Although it may appear improbable, most problems on devices may be resolved with operating system updates. Various devices get cumulative updates on a regular basis in order to fix a variety of issues. Another advantage of a fresh installation is that your device is also updated during the process, with a fresh installation and security updates. So, if your smartphone or computer is due for an upgrade, go ahead and perform it right now. It’s possible that it will fix the YouTube difficulties you’re having on your device.

Use a VPN

It’s highly probable that the site has been restricted by an institution if YouTube isn’t accessible at your school or college. In certain circumstances, a VPN can assist you in accessing YouTube by tunneling the network to a different nation. In addition, if you live in a country where YouTube is restricted, a VPN can assist you by allowing you to bypass the restriction. You may discover the greatest free VPNs from our list here.

Contact your internet service provider if you’re having trouble accessing the Internet or using various online services.

If none of the techniques resolved the problem, your ISP may be to blame. Internet service providers (ISPs) may block access to certain websites from their end, but they are not solely responsible for providing internet connection. To fix the YouTube problem, contact your ISP and request that they remove the limitation.

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Follow These Simple Steps to Troubleshoot Any YouTube Issues

That’s all there is to know about how to fix YouTube problems. Because we’ve organized it that way, you can search our site for a solution to your problem and discover the one that works best for you. We’ve put up a variety of topics from simple to complex in order to help you find the best answer for your issue. We’ve outlined several solutions for any YouTube buffering or black screen, regardless of whether it’s due to a connectivity issue or a server outage. That’s all for today from us.

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