Owners for the record: what is Ejari and how to use it?

In Dubai, any real estate transaction must be registered and legal. The same applies to leasing deals.

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Ax Capital, a real estate agency in Dubai, shares the information about how real estate is rented in the emirate, about the Ejari system and its features.

What is Ejari, and what is its essence?

Ejari means “my rent” in Arabic. This is a key tool for controlling real estate leases. The system was launched by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency, RERA, to regulate contracts between owners and tenants in the emirate, and is enshrined in the regulation No. 26 of 2007.

The value of Ejari for owners, tenants and the emirate cannot be overestimated, so it is necessary to analyze in detail every aspect of the system.

Who needs Ejari and why?

Registration of contracts in Ejari is mandatory for everyone without exception. 

The system is designed to ensure that all private leases comply with legal requirements and are structured in a government-approved format.

Ejari is necessary because all the information in it is securely protected and stored in an orderly form. RERA and the Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) are responsible for maintaining records in it. Another useful aspect of the system is that this contract guarantees your right to go to court if you have any problems with your landlord.

If the contract is registered in the system, you have every right to go to court to review your case. Otherwise, the court will automatically reject your appeal.

Registration in the system

Landlords are required to register with Ejari. As a rule, the landlord entrusts this to the real estate agent. However, in practice, the owner completes the process himself and pays the fees.

You should be sure that all deposits, contract term and rental amount are stated in your Ejari. You can register in the system through a specialized mobile application or on the official website.

The cost of registering a lease agreement costs AED 220 ($60, ¥414) at the printing center. To register your Ejari, you can go to the typing centers in Al Manar, Al Barsha Shopping Center, Ud Meta, Port Said or Zabeel. The reception is open from 8am to 8pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 9am to 2pm on Saturday.

Upon arrival, you will need to fill out a registration form, so make sure you have your new address and rental agreement number with you, as well as copies of the following documents.

Documents for registration in the system

If you have a property for sale in Dubai and you plan to start renting it out, you will need to successfully complete registration:

  • an original signed lease agreement; 
  • a security deposit receipt;
  • a tenant visa in the UAE (for non-GCC citizens);
  • a tenant’s passport (for nationals of non-GCC countries);
  • copies of the lessor’s passport (if you are an individual);
  • a tenant identification number in the UAE;
  • a copy of the title deed;
  • a 9-digit room number DEWA;
  • the latest bill from the DEWA utility;
  • a previous Ejari agreement (if a contract extension is required).

Once the registration is completed, you will receive an official Ejari contract, with a unique identification number. You will use this number to register your DEWA account, which you can now conveniently do online.

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Registration via the typing center

You can register a lease agreement in one of the physical printing centers. Several of them are located in the center of Al Manar, Al Barsha shopping center, Ud Meta, Port Said or Zabeel. To register, you must take the mandatory list of documents listed above.

Registration via a specialized mobile application

Owners also have access to a simplified version of registration in the system. To successfully complete the procedure, you need to download the application and upload the documents in digital format. 

A sequence of actions:

  • Download the app and register with your Emirates ID, a copy of your passport and visa. 
  • Upload the documents, including the lease agreement, Emirates ID, a copy of the passport and visa of the landlord and tenant, as well as a copy of the title deed to the application. 

Your landlord must also be registered in the app. As soon as it approves the documents in the application, the certificate will be issued within 2 working days. The cost of registration in the system via the mobile app costs AED 172 ($47, ¥324).

The official contract will contain the unique identification number of Ejari. This number is used to register your DEWA account, which you can now also fill out remotely.

Keep in mind that if you want to renew your contract for the same place next year, you must register with Ejari for a new contract. To better understand the features of the system, you should install and familiarize yourself with the application in advance.

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This is important because it is used for all lease transactions, including renewal, cancellation, postponement and termination of the contract.

Important! To conclude a new contract, you need to make sure that the previous Ejari is canceled.

Ejari certificates must be revoked either by the tenant or by the landlord, real estate agency or property management company. They are not automatically cancelled after the lease expires. If this has not been done, it will prevent and delay your registration and receipt of the certificate.

Duration of contract registration

The process of reviewing and approving documents for the registration of the contract takes from 1 to 2 days after the documents have been completed and sent.

How is the contract extended?

The Ejari contract must be extended when you are going to change the rented property or when the landlord is going to accept a new tenant.

You can log into the app and make any changes to the property to get the Ejari renewal documents with the standard registration documents.

Working with a real estate agent to buy villas for sale in Dubai

If you are the owner of flats in Dubai, you can always ask for help when registering a lease agreement with a management company or a real estate agent. The specialist will help you prepare the necessary documents and promptly send them to the system for successful and secure registration.

Assistance in buying real estate in Dubai

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