Ozarks Season 4 part 2: Expected Release Date & Updates!

In Netflix’s twisting crime-thriller Ozark, we always suspected Ruth Langmore would blow up the Byrdes’ money-laundering enterprise. But, as the last episode of Season 4 Part 1 shows, Julia Garner’s Ruth, who has alternated between being a friend and an adversary to the Byrdes, has now reached her breaking point. The conclusion is approaching, and there will be plenty of burnt ground in its wake.

Ruth has been subjected to torture in past seasons. Wendy Byrde’s brother, Ben, has died, and she has lost a guy she loved. Now she’s lost her cousin, Wyatt, who was brutally killed by Javi Elizondro, the new Navarro cartel head, for his ties to the deranged heroin queen Darlene Snell. Is Wyatt’s death directly attributable to the Byrde family? We may take turns pointing fingers later, but the threat remains: Ruth is on the prowl, and she has nothing to lose. If the Byrdes are serious about leaving their laundering days behind and pursuing a squeaky-clean career in Chicago, operating the benevolent Byrde Foundation with Shaw Medical funds, they’ll have to deal with an angry Langmore first.

The good news is that there’s still a lot more narrative to be told before we say goodbye to one of Netflix’s most compelling originals. Here’s all we know about Ozark 4: Part 2 thus far.

When will Ozark season 4, part 2 premiere?

Ozarks Season 4 part 2

We won’t have to wait long to watch the concluding chapter of the Byrdes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the second part of Season 4 will air sometime in 2022. Jason Bateman, who portrays Marty Byrde, disclosed the date in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, saying it was “yet publicized, but it’ll be relatively soon, I guess.”

Season 4’s production concluded in October 2020, which means the final episodes should be ready to air soon. Ozark’s creators are also likely to be aiming for Emmy nominations for the final season in September 2022; they’ll need to have broadcast the whole season by May 31 to fulfill eligibility requirements.

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Will season 4, part 2 be the Ozark finale?

Ozark’s last chapter is coming up soon. Netflix initially announced in June 2021 that Season 4 will be divided into two parts, each with seven episodes, to cover the whole end plot. “A super-sized season brings super-sized troubles for the Byrdes,” Bateman said. “I’m looking forward to bringing everything to a close with a bang(s).”

What will part 2 be about?

Part 1 leaves a lot of unanswered issues for Ozark’s remaining seven episodes. Consider the following:

Now that Ruth knows who murdered Wyatt, what will she do? Will she be able to stand up to the cartel?

Will Marty and Wendy’s son, Jonah, continue to oppose them?

Where will Charlotte, their daughter, go now that she seems to have embraced the family company as her own?

Will all of the Byrdes survive, and if so, will they be able to remain together as a family? Is Wendy and Marty’s marriage doomed to fail?

What more will the private investigator introduced in Part 1 unearth as he continues his search for Navarro lawyer Helen Pierce’s body? Will he be able to discover what happened to Ben?

The first episode of Season 4, Part 1 foreshadowed a vehicle accident. When will we witness the second portion of the accident, and what will happen as a result?

Will Wendy’s goal for the Byrde Foundation come true, or will her past sins come back to haunt her?

What will Javi do as the Navarro cartel’s new leader?

Could someone come in to fill Darlene’s void now that she’s passed away in the Ozarks?

Will the interim sheriff find out what happened to the previous one?

The Ozark producers are sure that all of these concerns will be addressed, and that the growing familial tension of the past three seasons will be resolved in a dramatic (but hopefully satisfactory) way. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on Ruth: it’s often the people we underestimate that end up with the greatest power.