Paige De Sorbo and Hannah Berner Discuss Their “Fantasy” Pregnancy Pact and Close Friendship!

You’re hanging out with the giggly gang, sort of. On season four of Bravo’s Summer House, when Kyle Cooke spoke those eight words, a brand was created—he just wasn’t aware of it at the time.

“He frequently mentions that he is in command of the name, and he recently referred to me as “the peanut gallery.” You best be on the lookout because I might start another podcast, I warned.” Together with Hannah Berner, her Giggly Squad co-host and a former Summer House cast member, Paige DeSorbo shares with ET, Zooming in.

Three years have passed since Kyle unintentionally referred to Paige and Hannah by the name under which they would launch a podcast, clothing company, and online community during the epidemic. The besties’ nightly Instagram Live discussions that once began as something else have grown into something neither of them could have imagined.

Looking back, Paige adds, “I think when Hannah and I first met, it was kind of, OK, we know that there’s something here that’s a lot bigger than what we’re doing.” “I believe that our friendship has developed into so many different levels, and I can say with certainty that right now, Hannah and I are the closest we’ve ever been.”

Hannah adds, “I feel very fortunate that I get to work with my best friend, who also motivates and challenges me. “Since we made it through reality TV, I believe we are asking ourselves, “What else can the universe throw at us?” Pass through!”

The duo has had a successful year in both their professional (they began their first live concerts and have more scheduled for this September) and personal (they launched their first live shows). While Paige is going to mark her one-year anniversary with Southern Charm actor Craig Conover, Hannah wed comedian Des Bishop in May.

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He is approaching from above. Paige snarks. We are all quite fascinated because not many have survived this long. Hannah will become pregnant before the year is out, according to Paige, even if she and Craig aren’t nearly ready.

Paige De Sorbo and Hannah Berner Discuss Their "Fantasy" Pregnancy Pact and Close Friendship!

Hannah admits, “It’s well known that I have trouble using birth control.” “I am forgetful and unsure of what is going on. Who knows, then? I don’t anticipate doing it. It’s challenging performing stand-up comedy since I travel so often, but since I don’t work a regular 9 to 5, I feel that whatever happens, I’ll figure it out.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a plan.” “We do dream of having children at the same time, or perhaps I will have one, but the next one, we’ll sort it out,” Paige continues, “but that my girl will be incredibly girly and hers will be a tomboy who loves tennis. Their aunts will become more popular with them. We have an extensive fantasy system. Sincerely, it’s excessive for this interview.”

Craig and Paige might need to reside in the same city before Paige and Hannah can compete in the parenting ring. Craig is still in Charleston, South Carolina, while Paige is in New York City, continuing their long-distance relationship. Recently, Craig said that he thought their separation was making things more difficult, but Paige thinks he was merely upset over not being invited on her family’s trip to Italy.

What Made Craig Cry This Week is a section that we have. Hannah blunders. “We’re only joking. We’re joking, but I appreciate Craig’s awareness of his emotions because Paige and I don’t.”

He truly does make me feel grounded, and sometimes crying is okay, Paige says. “He always says, “Paige, I love you and you’re my best friend,” and I simply respond, “I love you,” not realising that he actually wanted me to affirm that he was my best friend. Craig is undoubtedly one of my closest pals.”

“He acknowledges that he is, but I constantly say, “Hannah, that’s my best buddy,” she says. Craig, I love you and you’re my best friend, I have to say now because I didn’t know how wounded he was by it.”

“Are you being taken? What’s up?” Immediately after hearing Paige’s account, Hannah inquires. Is this something?

He is simply a sensitive man, Paige shouts. Throughout Craig’s eight seasons on Southern Charm, that sensitivity has been on full show. The first season of the South Carolina-based series, which Paige recorded last fall, has just begun airing.

Paige De Sorbo and Hannah Berner Discuss Their "Fantasy" Pregnancy Pact and Close Friendship!

She claims that while the cast’s fighting technique isn’t quite as direct as the Summer House crew’s, she was taken aback by it. She is unsure about her ability to coexist with the Charmers full-time.

Paige says, “I feel like I’ve exposed myself a lot over the past two years and I feel like I’ve exhibited a lot of sides to my life. “I will admit that I feel a lot more like myself on Southern Charm, and I wonder if it is because most of my interactions are simply with my partner.

I therefore feel incredibly comfortable, vulnerable, and like myself. However, I am not yet ready to move out of my current state, and being a full-time cast member on Southern Charm feels like a lot to take on.”

She does, however, prefer their filming schedule. She says, “I think the toughest adjustment was being in Summer House for 72 continuous hours. “You’re constantly being watched, and “Southern Charm” focuses more on their daily lives, so I really found it to be much simpler.

Since I’m used to going in, filming for three days, and then being like, “Please don’t talk to me for five,” I think that was probably the greatest transition. They would film on some days, then they would be off for a couple days because they were filming other cast members. Therefore, that was unquestionably different.”

Paige is presently filming season 7 of the popular Bravo series Summer House. Luke Gulbranson, Alex Wach, and Andrea Denver have all left the show as of season 6, according to a recent report from ET. They are replaced by several newcomers.

Bravo has not yet identified the new members, but according to social media snoops, they include writer/influencer Gabby Prescod, model Chris Leoni, and writer/entrepreneur Samantha Feher.

Paige beams, “I enjoy all new people. “I believe that the energy shifts everytime a show adds a few new cast members. The dynamics are altered by it. Funny enough, I was just in a Direct Message with Jules [Daoud, from Summer House season 4] the other day.

I keep in touch with everyone who has appeared on or left our programme, so I enjoy meeting new people. Simply put, I find it entertaining to get to know new audience members, observe their personalities, and then see how well that fits with many of us who have been friends for at least five years. I therefore support meeting new individuals constantly.”

Regarding other recognisable faces, Paige (kind of) reassures fans that Austen Kroll from Southern Charm, who spent a drama-filled weekend there in season 6 of Summer House, won’t be returning.

“She comments, “I feel like that might be a little weird, and I feel like if he were, he would block all of us. He would say, “Lose my number,” if we offered, “Hey, come for the weekend.””

Hannah won’t be visiting the residence any time soon either. Hannah claims she is at peace with leaving the show almost two years ago.

I’ve done a lot of treatment to get away from reality TV, and I feel such a distance from it, she says. “They should put all of you in a post-reality TV rehab before you go out into the real world,” said the doctor.

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