Who Is Pambansang Kolokoy’s New Girlfriend? Discover the Charismatic Key to His Heart!

As promised in his previous video, vlogger Joel Mondina, popularly known as Pambansang Kolokoy, finally disclosed the “special someone” he wanted to introduce to his subscribers. Previously, Pambansang Kolokoy posted a vlog named “Girl Friend” that featured a mystery woman whose face was constantly obscured by sunglasses and a face mask.

In the video, the unidentified woman looked after Joel’s infant and went shopping for food while still wearing her face mask and sunglasses. Instead, the two decided to divulge her identity in the vlogger’s upcoming upload.

After noting some qualities that the comedienne Gladys Guevarra shares, this led some online users to wonder if the woman in the vlog was the same person. Gladys earlier refuted accusations that she is the mother of the child in the video, despite claims that she is connected to Pambansang Kolokoy. Gladys also responded to internet users who claimed she was Pambansang Kolokoy’s purported mistress.

Who Is Pambansang Kolokoy New Girlfriend?

pambansang kolokoy new girlfriend

Pambansang Kolokoy introduces Gladys Guevarra as his ‘special someone’ Days later, Gladys was identified as the mysterious woman in Pambansang Kolokoy’s “Let Me Introduce” mukbang vlog. Some online users claim that the two are merely playing a practical joke on their fans “for the views”.

The two, who are both based in the United States at the moment, said in the video that they met in Los Angeles. Joel and Gladys also discussed the qualities they admired in one another:

“Every time we meet, we say, ‘dun pa lang, we have something in common.'” Joel uttered, “Tsaka syempre, mabait, maalaga.” Gladys joked, “Pareho tayong may baba, ‘yun yata ‘yung something in common natin.”

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Who Is Gladys Guevarra?


Gladys Guevarra is a voice impersonator and comedian who has previously worked for the GMA Network. She was also formerly the lead singer of the band Gladys and the Boxers alongside K, known for their popular song Sasakyan Kita (I’ll ride alongside You). During her appearance on the GMA Network’s noontime program Eat Bulaga!, she gained notoriety.

She eventually abandoned the program, citing scoliosis and a bulging disk as her health issues. However, there were suspicions that she and co-host Janno Gibbs were fired from the program because they were developing an illicit romance. The former strenuously disputes the accusations.

On Day 46, she entered the Pinoy Big Brother House to fill one of the voids left by Ethel and Mcoy, with Gaby taking over the other spot. She impersonated the voices of Annabelle Rama and the little actress Mahal prior to her appearance to further obscure and muddy the situation regarding her identity. On Day 58, she finally left the house due to depression.

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Personal Life

pambansang kolokoy new girlfriend

Pambansang and Marites Mondina, according to media accounts, were married in 2002. Let me just say that they have been dating for a very long time. Marites Mondina, Kolokoy’s wife, is said to be an entrepreneur. Additionally, he frequently posts pictures of his wife on social media.

Pambansang and Marites Mondina, his spouse

Additionally, his wife has made appearances in some of his YouTube videos. The three boys Pambansang has, namely Jason Mondina and Chris Jian Mondina, are what we mean by his children. Additionally, he shared numerous photos of his children on social media.

Mondina and His Children

Kolokoy and Marites Mondina, his wife of 20 years, announced their divorce in an August 2022 YouTube video. However, Pambansang withholds all information regarding his spouse or present partner.