Pamela Anderson Hopes To Get Married For Sixth Time: ‘I Still Have a Lot of Life Left’

Canadian-American actress and model Pamela Anderson has released her memoir, which is named: ‘Love, Pamela’. This memoir gives the readers a sneak peek into the actress’ personal life. This includes insights about her relationship history as well.
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She has also written about her time with Tommy Lee in the book. Pamela released the book on 31st January 2023.

Pamela Anderson Says She Hopes to Get Married for a Sixth Time: 'I Still Have a Lot of Life Left'

But, the most interesting revelation that fans got from her memoir was that even though she has suffered multiple heartbreaks, the actress-model hopes to get married for the sixth time.

She wrote about it in her book, and fans are surprised.

During the Jimmy Kimmel show, where Pamela was called as a guest celebrity, she revealed that she is a romantic and got plenty of time on her hands and will wait until she finds her ‘true love’.

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During her interview, host Jimmy Kimmel questioned Pamela about her getting married one more time. Initially, Pamela wanted to dodge the question by calling it crazy, but then she said: “I hope so. I don’t know, I still have a lot of life left.”

In the year 1995, Pamela got married to Tommy Lee, and this was her first marriage. Pamela gave birth to two sons: Brandon and Dylan. After her divorce with Lee, Pamela married Kid Rock, but the couple soon separated. She then got married Rick Salomon two times. Her most recent marriage was with her body guard Dan Hayhurst.

Her next marriage lasted for 12 days which was to Jon Peters.

Pamela Anderson Says She Hopes to Get Married for a Sixth Time: 'I Still Have a Lot of Life Left'

Pamela has said in many interviews that her love life is very complicated.

In her own words: “I’ve learned to try and do this without a life preserver, without having anyone around me to console me. I have to console myself. I need my dogs. I can’t be that alone.”

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Pamela says that her life has been a very interesting one, where she has met many good people and amazing love affairs. But, at this stage of her life, she feels more romantic than ever.

Pamela Anderson Says She Hopes to Get Married for a Sixth Time: 'I Still Have a Lot of Life Left'

Recently, Anderson has released her own documentary which is named: ‘Pamela, A Love Story’ on Netflix. She wore a sizzling hot Red gown to the premiere of her documentary. Even at the age of 55, Pamela is a hopeless romantic and wishes to find true love.
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