Paolo Nutini Discusses His New Album, Last Night in The Bittersweet!

Paolo Nutini on ‘writing ideas’ as he reveals his return album, Last Night In The Bittersweet

The festival’s must-find location is the hidden Rabbit Hole, where Noel Gallagher, Niall Horan, and in the past even Prince Harry has been seen having fun. Paolo Nutini is sipping a drink after his performance and is prepared to discuss his comeback and his career-best fourth album, Last Night In The Bittersweet, in this Alice In Wonderland-themed area.

He recently performed at the easier-to-find Rabbit Hole Bar on an unexpected basis. Fans there scaled tent poles to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Scottish singer, who has been absent since his third album Caustic Love shot to the top of the charts and became one of the year’s best-selling records.

“After the last album was out, I and my band toured for a good couple of years,” he claims. Then I’ll purchase a one-way ticket to travel to the places I need to visit. Sometimes this journey will last a weekend, other times it will last three months or longer. I’m fortunate to have that time to myself to just observe. Really, I don’t give it any thought.

Nutini draws a lot of his musical inspiration from his travels. After a relationship ended that provided the inspiration for the new tune Acid Eyes, he traveled to New York and Mexico this time.

I bring it in from my perspective; it’s a personal song, but I wind other stories in as well, he explains. I traveled extensively during that time, dealt with life, and wrote nonstop.

I constantly write down thoughts. I write down the ideas, even if they are just the beginning of a song. I keep them hidden, and I’m content with my method of operation. Even if you could say that I was, I didn’t feel like I was squandering time,” he laughs.

Nutini claims that he can only begin to consider compiling several tracks into an album when he has a specific vibe for them.

It’s one thing to write a lot of songs, but that’s not an album, the singer claims. We are almost there, now is the time, how can we make this an album? I eventually thought. An album has to hold together to build a little story or makes some kind of the point.

Paolo Nutini on ‘writing ideas’ as he reveals his return album, Last Night In The Bittersweet

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The 35-year-old pop musician is reluctant and just in the profession for the music, not for the perks of fame. He has no desire to constantly promote himself or market himself as a brand. Nutini is by no means difficult despite this; quite the contrary. He maintains the same sincere and soulful demeanor that comes over in his music.

I do occasionally feel insecure and worried about what other people might think, he admits. It’s challenging because I tend to be fairly private, so suddenly returning to the most public theatre feels out of place.

“Create Momentum”

There is no question that you can generate momentum more effectively than I can. This is simple sense. Who knows how that might alter the situation? However, you can only approach it in your own manner. And this is how I do it.

Nutini has every right to be incredibly proud of his most recent release. Last Night In The Bittersweet demonstrates Nutini’s incredible songwriting talent. It may be considered a double album because it has 16 tracks, and Nutini is at his absolute best.

He is unrestricted by genre and free to follow his creative inspiration. Even Quentin Tarantino receives credit for Nutini’s use of a scene from his cult classic True Romance in the album’s opening track, Afterneath.

Nutini’s exceptional voice enhances a wide range of styles on songs like Radio, the hypnotic Neu!-sounding Lose It, Children Of The Stars, Shine A Light, Heart Filled Up, and his favorite, the Robert Wyatt-sounding Take Me Take Mine.

I bought this enormous Soft Machine vinyl box set and sat and listened to it all because I love Robert Wyatt, he claims. It inspired me to research more Robert Wyatt material. He has a voice that is, to put it simply. I was familiar with Shipbuilding, but it wasn’t until later that I learned it was an Elvis Costello version.

Paolo Nutini on ‘writing ideas’ as he reveals his return album, Last Night In The Bittersweet

Following Nutini’s recent live performances and his appearance in the BBC’s Glastonbury studio to perform the song, the new tune Acid Eyes is immediately a fan favorite.

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