Paris Hilton Reveals Son’s Name, Why She and Carter Reum Kept Baby a Secret from Family

Paris Hilton is revealing the name of her son. On her podcast “This is Paris,” the social media mogul, reality star, and DJ, who turned 42 on Friday, revealed that she named her son Phoenix and that nobody, not even her mother Kathy Hilton, or sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild, knew about him until he was a week old.

When Hilton, a venture capitalist who turns 42 this month, and her husband welcomed their first child together, she shocked her followers when she revealed on Instagram that they had done so.

On her podcast, Hilton stated, “For the time being, we’ve just been keeping everything really private.

It was really nice to just have that with Carter be our own journey together because I just feel like my life has been so public, and I’ve never really had anything just be mine.

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Paris Hilton reveals son's name, why she and Carter Reum kept baby a secret from family

Not Even My Mom or My Sister My Best Friends Knew Literally until He Was Over a Week Old. Due to the difficulties of keeping a secret while residing in the public eye, Hilton continued, she decided to keep the news of her pregnancy a secret, even from close family members.

She explained, “If you tell one person, they tell someone, and then all of a sudden it’s in TMZ or Page Six.” Therefore, Carter and I literally agreed that we would keep our secret from others.

Then, she read a passage from her upcoming book “Paris: The Memoir,” which will be published on March 2 and contains an explanation of the significance of the name Phoenix.

If everything goes as planned, Carter and I should deliver a boy by the time you read this,” Hilton stated. We’re going to give him the name Phoenix, which I came up with while looking up cities, nations, and states on a map to pair with Paris and London years ago.

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Paris Hilton reveals son's name, why she and Carter Reum kept baby a secret from family

She went on: “The bird that burns up, then rises from the ashes to fly once more, is more significant. I want my son to understand that both failure and success recur throughout life and that this fact should inspire great optimism for the future.”

In an interview with People in January, Hilton talked openly about her experience as a mother.

It has always been my goal to have children, so I’m overjoyed that Carter and I connected. “Our hearts are bursting with love for our baby boy, and we are so excited to begin our family together.”