Pat Sajak’s 40th Anniversary Episode on Wheel of Fortune Spins More Controversy

This Christmas season on Wheel of Fortune, things have been particularly fascinating. Following the recent criticism over a competitor losing out on a vehicle due to a technicality, presenter Pat Sajak was celebrating his 40th year as host of the renowned game show.

On Twitter, he announced that he would be celebrating his 40th year on the job on December 28.

pat sajak controversy

“Wow, what a week!” exclaims the narrator. Sajak penned the text. “The 25th of December is Christmas Day. Dec. 28 marks the 40th anniversary of my first daytime appearance on NBC’s Wheel.

The 31st of December marks the 32nd wedding anniversary of the couple. 1st of January The year 2022 starts.

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Isn’t it nearly certain that it will be better than 2021? Doesn’t it?” Sajak noted on the anniversary’s day: “Dallas, Three’s Company, The Jeffersons, and The Dukes of Hazzard were among the top ten TV series when I began hosting Wheel (with Susan Stafford) on this day 40 years ago.

pat sajak controversy

Ronald Reagan had just completed his first year as president. ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John is the number one song.”

Many viewers were surprised to learn that Tuesday’s edition was Sajak’s 40th-anniversary show since the event was not mentioned at all on the broadcast.

The program was indistinguishable from the others, and there was no way of knowing it was Pat Sajak’s birthday.

pat sajak controversy

Although shows are usually filmed in advance, which might explain the apparent error, several fans took to social media to express their displeasure, believing that Wheel of Fortune had degraded its own presenter.

“WOW! Last night’s Wheel of Fortune made no mention of Pat Sajak’s 40th birthday??? This is unacceptably dangerous “one of the fans said on Twitter.

 “Congratulations on your 40th Wheel-adversary! And shame on Wheel of Fortune for not releasing balloons, providing cake, or paying homage! “Another admirer responds to his daughter Maggie’s touching tribute to Sajak.

Someone else comments, “Too bad Wheel didn’t bring it up on last night’s program.”

 Surprisingly, the show’s failure to commemorate Sajak’s anniversary was not the only cause of concern.

Eric Morgan properly answered a riddle during the bonus round by replying, “I suppose, um… whole wheat pasta.” While “whole wheat pasta” was the right response, several fans were astonished that he was awarded the victory, believing he would be disqualified on the basis of a technicality.

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This relates to a recent quarrel about another contestant’s failure to win a new automobile. In one case, the candidate stopped while delivering the right response, and as a consequence, she did not get an Audi Q3.

Many supporters were irritated by the technicality, and there was a social media campaign to get her the automobile nevertheless. Audi took note and announced that she would be receiving an Audi Q3 in the spirit of the holidays.

“We are delighted to present Charlene with an all-new Audi Q3 in the spirit of the holidays.” Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer Tara Rush told Fox News. “After all, it is the season of giving, and we are always glad to offer a little Audi magic and joy!”