Paul Boukadakis Dating: Is He Really Dating Ana de Armas?

Texas-based entrepreneur Paul Boukadakis is a seasoned corporate expert. On February 9th, 1984, he was born in Oklahoma. He is 37 years old at the moment.

He is the vice president of special initiatives for Tinder, a well-known online dating service.

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He is also the co-founder and CEO of Wheel, a video-sharing app with headquarters in Los Angeles. OnAirstreaming, which TCP later purchased, was started by him and he served as its CEO.

IMDb claims that Paul has experience working in the entertainment sector. He has produced and directed a few commercials and music videos.

Following reports that he was dating Cuban-American actress Ana De Armas, Paul attracted media attention. The couple hasn’t officially confirmed their connection or addressed the claims in public, though.

A Mutual Friend Introduced Him to Ana De Armas

paul boukadakis dating

Boukadakis and Ana de Armas initially got to know one another during the pandemic through a common friend. The couple started out by getting to know each other over wine at their houses because most traditional dating venues were closed.

According to a June 2021 Page Six article, Boukadakis and de Armas had been dating for “a few months” and he had previously introduced the actress to his family. At JFK Airport in New York City three months later, they were captured in their first official photo together. In pictures provided by Extra, the two can be seen passing through security as de Armas occasionally has her hand on Boukadakis’ back.

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In December 2021, after several months of rumors, the couple was seen kissing in Los Angeles, possibly confirming their relationship.

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In New York, They Supposedly Share a Home

paul boukadakis dating

Boukadakis and de Armas reportedly share a New York City apartment at the moment, according to Elle. The actress opened up to the magazine about her decision to leave Los Angeles after seven years, adding that the media attention around her and Affleck’s romance played a part. When they were both on lockdown during the pandemic, Affleck and de Armas were frequently captured in photographs.

“Experiencing that [personally] validated my beliefs that this is not the place for me to be,” she said. “A little bit too much was reached. No way out is available. No way out is available. You constantly have the sense that something is lacking or absent. You feel anxious living in this city.”

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Their Connection Is Kept a Secret.

paul boukadakis dating

Given the publicity surrounding de Armas’ previous relationship, it is not unexpected that she and Boukadakis are keeping their relationship a secret. They haven’t appeared together on the red carpet or on social media yet, and neither of them has spoken much in public about their relationship.

The Tinder executive doesn’t seem to be on Instagram, and his Twitter account is set to private, despite Boukadakis’ expertise in social apps.

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De Armas also avoids using Google and isn’t very active on social media, according to the actress who spoke to Elle about her online habits.

She reportedly stated, “I deleted Twitter years ago.” For almost a year, I have hardly used Instagram.

Nevertheless, in May 2022, de Armas did post a few images on Instagram from her 34th birthday celebration. The actress spent the day filming Ghosted with co-star Chris Evans, and she later shared a video of the cast and crew giving her a cake. Moreover, De Armas informed Elle that Boukadakis was present for the event even though he wasn’t visible in her Instagram photo.

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“Everyone was there: Chris, the crew, my partner, my dogs, and myself. Instead of cooking a romantic meal at home, I was working with my friends on set and enjoying a Fireball shot at the beach “said she. “Then, I turned 34 years old. Moreover, I’ve never felt happier.

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