Pazuzu Algarad Case: How did he Become a Serial Killer? Complete Info!

Pazuzu Algarad is a serial killer who has been on the run for over 20 years. He was arrested in 1989 and sentenced to death row, but he escaped from prison in 1991. Since then, his whereabouts have remained unknown. What led him to become a serial killer? How did he escape from prison? And what does this mean for the future of our society?

Pazuzu Algarad was a notorious self-proclaimed Satanist killer. He was in the public eye for nine years, from 2006 to 2015. Pazuzu lived a terrible life doing wicked things like sacrificing animals, drinking blood. It’s been more than five years since his murder, but the tale of his life remains a horror movie. We’ll try to figure out who he was and what crimes he committed.

There have been numerous books, documentaries, and web series about his case written over the last several years by a variety of people. He had a devilish appearance and was questionable in his character. He was influenced by Satanism which made him a cold-blooded murderer.

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Pazuzu Algarad – Everything you need to know

John Alexander Lawson was the pseudonym of Pazuzu Algarad, who is also known as John Alexander. He was born to a normal American family on August 12, 1978, in San Francisco, California. Tim and Cynthia Lawson were married in 1971. His early life is poorly documented. In 1990, his parents divorced. Then they moved to North Carolina. Pazuzu was prone to disappear for weeks at a time but always returned safely. He lived with his mother in Winston-Salem, North Carolina much of the time.

For religious reasons, Pazuzu has adopted a new name

In 2002, he decided to change his name after being influenced by Satanism and wanting a fitting name so that he will be remembered till his last breath, and then he settled on “Sois”.

He went with Pazuzu Illah Algarad as a result of a horror-based film titled The Exorcist. Pazuzu is an Assyrian demon of ancient origin in the movie which was played by Eileen Dietz. He used to brag that he possessed supernatural abilities and the power over the weather.

Mental illness during childhood

Pazuzu was afflicted with two mental illnesses when he was a teenager, agoraphobia, and schizophrenia. His mother went to great lengths to obtain excellent care, even seeing a psychiatrist. She had no money, though, and the medical treatment was not covered by insurance. His mental condition deteriorated rapidly. Pazuzu’s youth was marked by these two illnesses, which had a long-term influence on him.

“He wasn’t an angel by any stretch of the imagination,” she continued. His mother went on to say, ‘He wasn’t a monster or a boogeyman or anything else that people have called him.’

Pazuzu began drinking alcohol and using other drugs at the age of 13. He began smoking Cheroots when he was a youngster, and it became a habit. He started becoming violent, injuring the animals around him.

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Change in Pazuzu’s at-home behavior

When they lived in Clemmons, her mother noticed indications of violence for the first time. His mother was his first victim when he tried to approach her from behind and tried encircling her neck strongly with his arm. However, he was only allowed to go under probation for 12 months after being found guilty of this crime as a juvenile. Joseph Chandler, a 30-year old visitor from North Carolina, disappeared while tubing on the White River on June 7. An investigation revealed that he had dived off of the boat ramp at the park’s north entrance and into the water. Later that day, Yadkin County workers discovered Joe’s body on a boat ramp at the park. Nicholas and Pazuzu Pasquale Rizzi have been arrested by the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina for the death of Isaac Baynham.

Satanic symbols are carved into the walls of a house.

Pazuzu Algarad was residing in a residence that is far too advanced for a normal person to comprehend. When I first arrived, it was a disaster zone. It had been trashed and was full of garbage, animal carcasses, empty alcohol bottles, and satanic markings.

He was frightened because he had tattoos all over his body and face. He had a Nazi sign and a black demon tattooed on his body. His neighbors have frequently noticed strange odors emanating from his property. The tattoos had secret Satanic meanings, such as Lucifer and 667.

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Pazuzu and His Self-Proclaimed Wife’s Life

Pazuzu Algarad

Pazuzu’s partner in crime was Alexander Lawson, better known as Pazuzu. Amber Burch was her name. Although they were not married, they both previously lived together. Just like Pazuzu, Amber had a criminal past. She was also involved when Pazuzu chokehold his mother. In 2017, Pazuzu Algarad’s alleged girlfriend Amber was convicted of second-degree murder in the case of Tommy Dean Welch. She has also been charged with abetting a crime and arms robbery.

Algarad Pazuzu was arrested for burying two corpses in the backyards of his property.

Pazuzu was taken into custody in 2010. His family, friends, and neighbors believe he’s innocent. The medical examiner in Guilford County conducted an autopsy on Charlette that revealed no signs of foul play or violence. A team of forensics experts was brought into the facility to look for any evidence. They were shocked to discover that the two bones discovered were those of Fredrick Wetzler and Tommy Dean, who had vanished in 2009. He killed both of them with help of his girlfriend who helped him in disposing of the bodies in his backyard.

Cynthia James, his mother, has indicated that Pazuzu would kill himself unless he was given the opportunity to perform dark moon animal sacrifice. He was ready for trial after being diagnosed by psychiatrists as suffering from schizophrenia, agoraphobia, and alcoholism.

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Pazuzu Algarad’s death

Pazuzu Algarad’s death has been the subject of numerous theories, however, it is thought that Pazuzu killed himself in jail. He was taken from one jail to another on account of security and safety concerns. On the morning of October 28, authorities discovered that he was unresponsive and had a wound on the top of his left arm. He was shot in the chest and died a few minutes later when he arrived at the hospital.

They thought he might have used a very sharp instrument to cut himself, but they weren’t sure what it was. There were reports that he bit his arm with his teeth. According to the autopsy report, he died as a result of excessive blood loss. There were only a few items in his cell, such as an electric razor and a transparent bottle with red liquid.

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