What Was Phillip Mckeown’s Cause of Death?

After enduring a protracted illness, the former child actor Philip McKeon passed away at age 55 on Tuesday morning in Texas, according to a statement from Jeff Ballard, the family’s publicist.

Ballard’s statement said, “We are all utterly devastated and grieved by Phil’s demise. “All who crossed his path in life will remember his great sense of humor, generosity, and loyalty.”

What Was Phillip Mckeown’s Cause of Death?

The 10th of December 2019 saw the passing of Phillip McKeown after a protracted illness. When he passed away, he was still unmarried, which sparked claims that he was gay.

philip mckeon illness

He was not implicated in any other contentious matter, except the rumor of being gay.

Actor and model Philip McKeon was successful in many endeavors. His death was announced to PEOPLE by a family member.

In the realm of movies and entertainment, he unquestionably left a lasting influence. A man’s misperception of his sexuality when he is not married is clarified by Philip McKeon’s encouraging narrative.
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Philip McKeon demonstrated to the entire world how lovable and sociable he was. Following his passion at such a young age, he began his acting career at the age of 12, which made him a character that many people admired. Just as he started kindergarten, he started his profession.

He was a funny and interesting youngster when he first began. His parents must have recognized something in him or sensed the potential in him since they brought him to an audition.

In one of the most popular TV shows from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, he then made regular appearances as an actor. Because they made the boy a child model, the auditioners may have had the same foresight.

Philip McKeon worked as a model before his passing, appearing in publications, on television, and in magazines.

philip mckeon illness

He started acting and made theatrical and screen appearances. One of the “Alice” creators suggested him for a part while he was performing on Broadway after noticing his work. If one doesn’t follow the latest trends in the entertainment industry, it is fairly simple to become irrelevant.

His involvement in advertisements, movies, and television programs significantly decreased over time. He no longer cares about the entertainment business His age increased. After his spells in directing and producing, he made the decision to leave this field in 2000. He instantly lost the fame he had as an actor when he was a child and a young adult. He was obviously a gifted child up until his early twenties.

Phillip Mckeown Fortune

It is assumed that he made a significant amount of money from his acting career, while the earnings from his unreported adult profession have similarly been kept secret. He doesn’t mention what he works for a living right now. Now his main concern is his personal life. Thus, estimating Philip McKeon’s net worth is difficult. He kept the money he earned from his acting and modeling skills private.

While performing in Alice, McKeon picked up the game of golf and became an avid player as a young adult. the television program Alice, which ran from the middle of the 1970s through the middle of the 1980s.

The woman in the story lost her husband in a truck accident and was left a widow. Following her decision to depart New Jersey for Los Angeles, Mckeon assumed the role of her son, the widow’s son.

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Is Philip McKeon Gay?

For a few years now, gay rumors have been circulating about Philip McKeon all around the world. Despite being exceptionally gorgeous and strong-looking, the former actor, producer, and director never got married. His marital status was never discussed in public.

philip mckeon illness

Before his passing, inquiries about him included: Who is Philip McKeon’s wife? Are you gay, Philip McKeon? Philip Mckeon is he married?

Because he lived alone in a lovely home, Philip McKeon was the subject of these accusations that he was gay.

Numerous factors can cause a marriage to be postponed or never consummated. No, Philip McKeon wasn’t gay. He had more than one wife. Not all of McKeon’s income came from his acting career. He has worked as a producer and director in Hollywood.

In part, because he has a face that is not horribly ugly to look at, this question regarding his sexuality typically arises. Philip McKeon’s wife or companion has been brought up by numerous people. He supposedly has a wife, according to some, while others dispute this.

Before his passing, he remained secretive about his sexual orientation. He gave off the impression that he treasured his privacy and was delighted in hearing about all the ongoing marriage rumors.


In the CBS comedy “Alice,” which ran from 1976 to 1985, Philip co-starred opposite Linda Lavin as Tommy Hyatt. This performance is what people most often associate Philip with.
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Philip was suggested for the part of Tommy by Lavin because he had seen Philip perform on Broadway and believed he was a fantastic performer.

Along with Charlie Sheen, Philip co-starred in the episodes “No Day at the Beach” of “Amazing Stories” and the television series “Fantasy Island,” “CHiPs,” and “The Love Boat.” After spending ten years working in the news department at Los Angeles station KFWB News 98, Nancy McKeon’s elder brother relocated to Wimberly, Texas, where he now has his own radio show.