Philips S9000: shaver with AI

Philips has launched its new shaver, Philips S2021, with technology SkinIQ, which detects, adapts and guides the user when shaving.

The SkinIQ technology of the new Philips S9000 is based on artificial intelligence and guides users in real time, indicating changes in pressure or movement, to get a personalized shave. It has color pressure sensors, movement control, sensors to measure and adapt to the density of the beard and coating Protective SkinGlide, for better skin protection.

Color pressure sensor

One of the features that make this shaver unique and smart is the pressure sensor PressureGuard, which allows you to obtain the correct pressure for a clean shave.

The pressure sensor PressureGuard is easily detectable, because in its composition it has a smart light ring that indicates the correct pressure level. If the sensor shows orange, it means that you are putting a lot of pressure on the skin, so you need to ease the pressure of the shaver slightly until the ring turns green. However, if the light is blue, more pressure should be applied to the skin.

Beard density and motion control sensors

The Philips S shaver201200 consists of a technology that detects movement and which allows to achieve a more efficient technique, combining the use of the shaver with the App Philips GroomTribe, connected by Bluetooth. The shaving data remains synchronized, so the custom guidance of the smart features is always available.

The smart sensor of PowerAdapt already detects the density of the beard hairs, analyzing it 500 times per second. The technology automatically adapts to the cutting power, offering a smooth, effortless shave.

Dermatologically tested heads

This shaver has heads with Protective SkinGlide coating, which the manufacturer claims to reduce friction on the skin by 10%, minimizing irritation and gliding smoothly for better skin protection. They are fully flexible and rotate in 360 degrees, following the facial contours, regardless of type face.

Yours 75 double self-sharpening blades DualSteelPrecision shave with great precision, reaching up to 150. Cut actions per minute. Thanks to the Wet&Dry technology, it is possible to shave wet and/or dry.

Accessories for to Philips S2021
Philips S2021, with SkinIQ technology and pressure sensor

The new machine Shaving razor S2021 is complemented with a cleaning base, which gives the shaver better performance. Its cleaning system lubricates and cleans the shaver in just 1 minute. This system is 20 times more effective than cleaning with water, being easily transportable.

Philips has also added a precision trimmer/switchboard and a beard styler integrated in the machine.

The new range of Philips S shavers 2000 is already available in Portugal, with a retail price of 350,75 euros.

More information on the official Philips website

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