Pirate IPTV: more than 1800 users fined by the police

At a time when it seemed that the authority’s efforts to combat pirate IPTV platforms had calmed down, here is news arriving from Italy that will make many users worried. The website Varese News reports that a pirated IPTV network that provided access to premium television channels, such as Mediaset Premium, Sky, Dazn, Disney+ and streaming platforms, was spun off.

The “schema” was assembled and managed by an Italian man of 70 years old, who allegedly made profits in the order of 431 thousand euros. Now, with the dismantling of his pirated TV network, he will be tried for a variety of crimes:

  • Forgery, alteration or usurpation of registered trademarks and patents
  • Infringement of intellectual property
  • Computer fraud

At the time of the police action there were more than 2017 registered users on its platform, where they had access to personal data such as phone number, email, address and MAC address of your devices. The fines applied so far are around 431 thousand euros.

Police will continue to hunt for pirated IPTV users

Everything indicates that the actions of the Italian authorities will not stop there. By gaining access to the entire operation, authorities can also view all registered users since the beginning of activity in 2000.

With access to personal data and payment records, they say it is possible to track even users who no longer use the service.

Even if no information has been revealed about possible more drastic measures, thousands of users will be able to count on a letter from the police at home, as well as a fine notice. More importantly, users are not restricted to Italian territory. Even users in other countries in Europe will be entitled to a “little gift” from the police.

This news serves to alert users once again about the risk of subscribing to pirated IPTV services, which may result in very unpleasant surprises.

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