Plain X platform: AI of Portuguese Priberam at Frankfurt airport

The plain X platform, developed by the Portuguese company Priberam in collaboration with the German media group Deutsche Welle (DW), is already fully operational at Frankfurt airport, where it provides subtitling of the news bulletins.

This HLT (Human Language Technology) platform has now started to be used at the FRA (Flughafen Frankfurt am Main), the largest German airport, in DW news bulletins that are displayed at the station. Since 2005 DW has cooperated with this airport to provide special news bulletins for travelers, which are now displayed in almost 333 screens.

Plataforma plain X

Subtitling is one of the requirements of this DW service – the German company produces programming in more than languages ​​for dozens of countries and territories – which was, until now, carried out in a completely manual process. In addition, the functionality is especially relevant in this use case, since the monitors that display the images usually have the sound turned off or it turns out to be unintelligible among the ambient noise.

Now , the creation of subtitles is done semi-automatically through the platform plain X. The technology developed by Priberam has several applications, from translation and transcription assisted by Artificial Intelligence to automatic subtitling and production of voiceovers

    , among other possibilities.

    In the case of Frankfurt airport, the plain X uses scripts that are submitted to the platform, synchronizes them with video streams

      and automatically creates subtitled files that are placed in predefined folders. At the end of the process, DW sends the complete and subtitled programming videos to the airport’s servers, where they are shown. The process is fully automated.

      In fact, the plain X platform is also able to transcribe DW news in real time, but to avoid any errors, it was decided to establish a workflow with an intermediate script checker, in order to ensure virtually perfect results.

      The platform plain X will soon be commercially launched as a SaaS-like (Software as a Service) HLT platform and aimed at all usage scenarios for news production.

      Carlos Amaral, CEO of Priberam, commented by the way that “the plain X is the perfect demonstration not only of know-how

    • of Priberam in the development of Artificial Intelligence tools applied to the language, but also in how it is possible – and desirable – to make the transition from a research project to a commercial product capable of being adapted to different usage scenarios.”

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