Player From Rookie Bucs Breaks Silence On Rumors Of Dating Margot Robbie!

Famous Rookie Bucs player Ko Kieft was seen in the news recently when there were rumors about him dating Hollywood actress Margot Robbie.

Rookie Bucs player responds to rumor he's dating actress Margot Robbie

When Kieft was asked to throw some light on this matter, that is, dating rumors with Margot Robbie, the player seemed equally shocked and surprised after hearing this information. Previously, it was speculated that Margot Robbie had been linked to many players, but there was no confirmation as to which player she was dating.

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A fan of Margot wrote on Twitter on 29th January 2023: “Per TMZ, Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Ko Kieft is courting A-Checklist actress Margot Robbie.”

Rookie Bucs player responds to rumor he's dating actress Margot Robbie

After seeing this tweet, Ko Kieft retweeted “Oh, word??? Fans were confused after seeing this tweet from Kieft as he gave no confirmation about whether he is dating Robbie or not. It seemed as if he had tweeted that in disbelief.

It was observed that a massive Twitter scandal was going in which Ko Kieft was a minor pawn. This was noticed by many twitter users that all such rumors were following a common trend.
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In this trend, people were found linking Margot Robbie with different people. The posts followed a same structure: “Per TMZ, Margot Robbie is dating…

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Before Ko, there were many NFL and other celebs that have already been a part of this Margot Robbie meme fest. Some of the celebs of this list include Isaiah Hodgins, Ron Torbert and Daniel Jones, to name a few.
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Along with celebrities from the NFL, Margot’s meme even spread to the NBA and MLB.

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Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors, Reese McGuire of the Boston Red Sox, Mitch White of the Blue Jays, and even Kermit the Frog have made to the list.

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However, this rumors about Ko Kieft dating Robbie remains a gossip as she has been married to Tom Ackerley who is a filmmaker. since the year 2016.