The World’s Most Popular Airline Logos, Ranked by Popularity

The airline industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, with airlines constantly trying to outdo each other. With so many different airlines around the world, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we put together this list of 40 Most Popular Airline Logos of the World for you! We hope that this article will help you find your favorite logo or at least give you some ideas on how to design your own logo if you’re starting an airline company! 

Airline logos are excellent examples of visual corporate branding and a valuable source of inspiration for budding designers. However, you don’t have to be a designer to appreciate airline logos. Many individuals enjoy playing quiz games in which they attempt to identify as many well-known airline brands as possible. Some tendencies may be seen while looking at the airline logos in this essay. Traditional symbols and national colors are common motifs in logos. Airlines like to incorporate themes of flying and birds in their logos to signify that you can go quickly and safely with them. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 40 airline logos to get you started.

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The World’s Most Popular Airline Logos

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Let’s begin with our list of well-known airline logos, shall we?

Qatar Airways

The logo of Qatar Airways, which was created in 2006, features a burgundy oryx on a grey background. Oryx is the national animal of Qatar, and its color in the logo reflects that of the nation’s flag. The airline’s name is written in English, while the Arabic letters form the acronym “Al Qatari.”


In 2018, Lufthansa Airlines’ iconic logo was updated. Although the new logo appears to be the same as the old one, it has been redesigned to give it a more modern appearance to better impact the market. To fit the digital age, the airline’s famous flying crane symbol and text were reduced.


The symbols of both firms are derived from ancient Egyptian mythology. The symbol of EgyptAir is inspired by Horus, or rather his head, which it derives from the ancient Egyptian myth. Horus, sometimes depicted as a human body with a falcon’s head, was the god of sunlight and Sky god, so it’s only natural that he’d be included in an airline logo. This is the logo that EgyptAir has been using since July 2008.

Japan Airlines

In 1958, Jerry Huff created the logo of Japan Airlines (JAL). The seal’s name, murumuru ( crane circle), refers to a Japanese crane with expanded wings. The logo’s red color represents joy. The logo was inspired by Japanese myth, which holds that the crane is a symbol of long life, wealth, and good health. The myth of the crane claims that the bird may fly high and far without becoming weary, making it an excellent emblem for the airline business.

A new, improved logo was announced in 2002, however, it wasn’t well-received or popular. In 2011, Japanese Airlines decided to go back to its original design, and it is still in use today.

SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines’ logo is a stylish, colorful peacock against an unusual yet beautiful typeface. It was introduced as part of a massive rebranding initiative in 1999. The Dandu Monara Yantra was a mythical flying machine that was said to have existed in Sri Lankan folklore. It’s possible that this mythical beast served as the inspiration for the airline’s logo. that Sri Lankan peacocks are a native species.


In 1985, Negus & Negus Associates designed the Emirates logo. The logo is a simple red-on-white design with intricate Arabic writing and the company’s name in English below. The color red connotes wealth, leadership, passion, and self-assurance while the hue white represents refinement, purity, and nobility.

Air Canada

The Air Canada logo, which was created by FutureBrand Worldwide in October 2004, is a combination of red and white. It has an encircled maple leaf, which is widely recognized as the national symbol of Canada.

Hawaiian Airlines

The Hawaiian Airlines logo is the only one on this list that depicts a person rather than an animal or a geometric plane. The logo, which you can see above, was created by Lindon Leader in 2001 and has been modified ever since. The background has a gradient, which appears to me to be really attractive. The typeface was also changed to give it a fresh appearance.

The World’s Most Popular Airline Logos, Ranked by Popularity


Thai Airways

Interbrand designed the Thai Airways logo and presented it in April 2005. The magnolia flower is represented by the pink portion of this ornament, which is embellished with a bright border. In September 2013, the airline’s logo became embroiled in controversy after a runway accident in Bangkok. In an effort to protect Thai Airway’s reputation, airport employees painted over the logo on a damaged plane as seen above.

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10. American Airlines

FutureBrand handled the creation of the new American Airlines logo, which was introduced in January 2013. The abstraction of a flying eagle in traditional American hues of red, blue, and white is known as the Red White & Blue flag. an eagle, a star, and the letter A. Take on the challenge of seeing all of them.

11. Air Asia

The company’s logo is a simple yet highly appealing red badge with white lettering. Start Creative was the architect. In response to the disappearance of Flight 370 in December 2014, Air Asia made a poor (albeit limited) modification to its logo. They changed their Facebook page logo to grey, which was regarded by their social media following as a sign of tragedy.

12. Air India

The logo of Air India is a red flying swan on the wing of which is painted Konark sun temple’s orange wheel. The crimson, yellow, and green hues represent vitality and advancement, and the Konark wheel is said to be from the sun god’s chariot. The DMA Branding logo was created in 2007.

Air India’s mascot is the Maharajah, which was designed by Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao in 1946 and recently updated to appear less traditional and more modern and hipster-ish.

13. Ethiopian

“The New Spirit of Africa.” The logo is written in English and Amharic, and it has the colors of the Ethiopian flag as a palette (red, green, yellow).

14. Cathay Dragon

The logo of the airline, as shown above, is nearly identical to that of Cathay Pacific. Cathay Dragon’s logo is red, unlike Cathay Pacific’s, which is blue. It was designed by a branding company called Landor Associate, which uses the same brushing sign that represents a bird’s wing. The airline was founded in 1993 as Dragonair; it became known as Cathay Dragon after it was purchased by Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific.

15. Korean Air

The logo of Korean Air, which resembles the Pepsi logo, would be thought to be that of an inexperienced. Its origins, on the other hand, are fairly conventional and predate not only the United States but also Pepsi itself. The logo’s symbol is Taeguk, which means “ultimate reality from which everything is derived.” It’s also a component of the South Korean flag. The airline’s logo, which features a stylized letter “K” and a white star on a black background, was created in 1984.

16. Swiss

The simple logo for Swiss International Air Lines, commonly known as SWISS, was created by Nose Design in 2011. The design is based on the Swiss national flag, which features a white cross on a red background. The font was chosen to create a clean, modern look. Linotype’s Univers 65 Bold typeface was used in the logo.

17. Air China

The Chinese character for “VIP” is written in red and enclosed by a ring of gold. The bird flaps its wings behind its head, which looks like the words “VI.” The former logo, which was created in 1988 by Han Meilin, features a design based on the shape of an ice cream cone. The current logo was designed by Dongdao Design in 2007. The airline’s emblem is loaded with significance, with the phoenix representing good fortune, beauty, harmony, and joy. The crimson color represents passion and enthusiasm among the airline’s personnel. The logo was chosen as the world’s best design in 2011 by the Beijing Design Week.

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18. Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline company with a name that dates back to 1938 when Robert Logan created the shamrock logo. The shamrock (young clover) is widely regarded as the Irish national emblem, and it’s connected to the tale of Saint Patrick, who used a clover to explain the Holy Trinity to non-Christian Irish people. The current Aer Lingus logo was created in 1996, and because of its slanted appearance, it is sometimes known as The Drunken Shamrock, alluding to the Irish drinking stereotype.

19. Iberia

Iberia went through a redesign in 2013, when Interbrand replaced the old logo and created a bespoke typeface. To symbolize the Spanish character’s vitality, they used red and yellow, the colors of the Spanish flag. The new logo was announced on social media with the hashtags #NewIberia and #NeuvalIberia.

20. Mexicana

In 2008, Design-Success of Denmark created the logo for Mexicana. An eagle, which is a bird of prey, is the blue symbol. It implies tranquility and consistency. The logo is made up of capital and lowercase letters, which gives it a striking look.

21. Ryanair

The airline’s name and logo go back to 1987 when it was called Aer Lingus. The original logo, which featured a yellow arrow and large, white lettering, has evolved over time. The image of an angel and a harp is used in this logo, which is one of the traditional Irish instruments and an essential part of Irish culture.

22. Turkish Airlines

This is the identity design for Turkish Airlines, which was launched in 2010 as part of a larger company makeover by Priestmangoode. The design is straightforward and successful, with red, white, and blue used to create a very professional appearance.

23. British Airways

Even though the old Speedbird symbol was phased out in the mid-1940s, British Airways retained the iconic Speedmarque logo, which was created by Newell & Sorrell in 1997 and is based on the old Speedbird image used by British air forces before World War II. The airline company name, written in blue letters, is above a red-and-blue ribbon shape.

24. AeroMexico

The AeroMexico brand was established in 1994. The top of the Cuautla’s head is carved into this stone carving. Eagles were sacred to the Aztecs, and eagle warriors were among the greatest revered and feared members of the army. The airlines claim that the Eagle Knight logo’s design is based on Mexico’s ancient culture.

25. Delta Airlines

The Delta Airlines name, often referred to as the widget logo, was created by Lippincott Mercer in April 2007. The design of the logo incorporates a red triangle that represents the Greek letter D ( delta ), and it is both simple and three-dimensional due to the clever arrangement and application of its parts.

The World’s Most Popular Airline Logos, Ranked by Popularity

26. Jet Airways

The K. V. Sridhar-designed logo for Jet Airways is called the Flying Sun, and it was established in 1992. The Sun and a plane’s tail departing at the same speed are depicted in this design. The first time this logo was painted on an aircraft, a mistake was made and the logo was reversed on the tail.

27. Qantas

The kangaroo is featured on the Australian one-penny piece, and Qantas adopted it as its logo. In January 1947, it made its debut. The logo you’re looking for was created in 1907 by Franz Staub and is known as The Kangaroo.

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28. Southwest

The removal of the name “Southwest Airlines” was completed in September 2014, and the logo was designed in collaboration with GSD&M, Lippincott, VML, Razorfish, and Camelot Communications. It’s written in Monotype’s custom typeface, Southwest Sans, which was designed by Monotype. The new logo is a variation on the heart symbol that was utilized in past Southwest logos. The edges of this one are a bit more subtle. It’s still long and lean, but the colors and patterns have gotten considerably brighter and more contemporary.

29. US Airways

The US Airways logo was created by Luxon Carra and Deskey Associates, and in 2005, the company chose grey as their main hue. The US national flag is represented in a monochrome style.

30. Aerolineas Argentinas

Another featured airline logo on this list uses a bird to symbolize the notion of flight. Aerolineas Argentinas has used this logo since June 2010, and it was created by FutureBrand. The logotype uses the Neo Sans typeface, and the stylized bird is actually a condor; a bird commonly seen in Argentina. The hue is similar to that of the Argentine flag.

31. Singapore Airlines

The airline’s logo is bird-inspired by a silver kris, a dagger from Southeast Asia that is frequently mentioned in the region’s mythology and folklore. The logo was chosen from 200 proposals during the early days of SQ when a US-based insignia firm was in charge.

32. Malaysian Airlines

In 2013, Malaysian Airlines, previously Malaysia Airline System, changed its logo. The red-and-blue Kelantan kite, which was banned in 2012 to commemorate the airline’s entry into the Oneworld airline alliance, has returned. The words “Singapore Airlines” and “airlines” are written in a similar typeface as the one used by Malaysia Airlines.

33. IranAir

In 1961, a competition was launched in Kayhan and Ettelaat newspapers to choose a new logo for the Iran National Airline, which had been formed as a national company (and renamed IranAir). The airline’s current logo was designed by an Iranian teenager who won the contest. He was influenced by the Persian mythical griffin, Homa.

34. Garuda Indonesia

The logo of the Indonesian airline hasn’t been updated in years. Garuda Indonesia, like many of the other airlines on the list, has chosen a flying creature (in this case, a bird) as its motif. Despite the fact that a lot of work has gone into it, the logo has barely changed. In my opinion, the new design appears to be a lot cleaner and has a contemporary aesthetic.

35. Air New Zealand

The Air New Zealand logo is a Koru, which means new life, development, and power in Maori. The Koru image is part of Maori art, sculpture, and tattoos.

36. PNG Air

The most elaborate logo belongs to the last airline on the list. It’s located in New Guinea, which is a big island off the continent of Australia. When the brand began to take off in 2015 (quite literally! ), the logo was first used. The logo is a depiction of traditional designs that were intended to symbolize the country’s diversity. I appreciate how the traditional symbols from across the United States were utilized to create an unusual and eye-catching design.

37. Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines (HNA) is the world’s tenth biggest airline, having been founded in 1993. The name of the airline and its logo are one-of-a-kind. The combination of many prominent components, including the golden Gauda’s wings and its golden horn, as well as auspicious clouds, distinguishes this logo. The logo has acquired cult status due to its many features, as well as its timeless design.

38. Vietnam Airlines

The golden lotus symbol of Vietnam Airlines, which was introduced in 2002, is one of the most popular airlines logos in the world. Despite its low-key appearance, the design has become renowned in Vietnam. The popularity of this logo can teach us that, even if the symbol is ancient, it may make an impact if the design has a contemporary spin.

39. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is a less recognized airline, which has a trendy appearance. The logo was inspired by the original design from 1971. The flying characteristics of bulan, or moon kite, which faces left to right and has somewhat longer tails than its predecessor. The typeface of the wordmark has been changed, and the term airlines are now shown in lowercase. Going by popularity, the newest style appears to be more dramatic than the previous.

40. SriLankan Airlines

From Sri Lankan Airlines, another airline’s logo has been discovered a secure refuge in this wide survey. It is Sri Lanka’s most successful airline, having been founded in 1979. It has the distinction of being the country’s largest airline by far. The style is bold and colorful, with a beautiful typeface to identify the name. The logo, which is inspired by a mythical creature known as Dandu Monara Yantra in the country, has captivated the people.

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Popular Airline Logos

That concludes our look at the greatest airline logos to get ideas from. Take a look at these designs and utilize the design language that speaks to you. Never forget that you should never copy another logo. It’s all about you. That’s why I’m telling you these things.

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