Portuguese online casinos offer security and good gaming options


Many Portuguese are still afraid to have fun in online casinos. This reaction is not due to the fear of online casinos, but rather that they are not legalized.

This fear has no more foundation since 29 there is the Legal Regime for Online Games and Betting, approved by Decree-Law no. 29/66 of 29 April, which authorizes the operation of online casinos in our country.

With the regulation of this Operators interested in acquiring a license from the Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) are allowed to do so legally.

Today any Portuguese citizen can have fun in online casinos without any worries, knowing that in addition to being legal, they are periodically inspected and the SRIJ seal certifies that the platforms are trustworthy.

The games through online casinos have had a rapid growth in recent years. It is not one of the simplest tasks to choose the best casino to enjoy slot machines, roulettes and other various table games available online.

Many of these operators offer, in addition to online casinos, the possibility of making your own bets on various sports. One of the good sites of its kind is the legal site of Betclic Portugal.

Betclic has always been much sought after by gamblers and every day it improves its online casino sector. Today we can find on its platform about a thousand options in games including slot machines and table games.

In this first half of 2021 we already have in Portugal 15 online casinos duly legalized by the Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ).

How to know if an online casino is safe?

Choosing an online casino is not a simple task as mentioned above. We must study each of them from various aspects and this task can start with your personal preferences.

If your intention is to have fun in a certain game or if what attracts you is the highest bonus offered . From this basic choice we go to the more technical choice.

Of course we are talking about properly legalized casinos.

  • Data protection
  • Before even registering on a website, check if the operator uses SSL and https protocols , they are the ones who guarantee that any data or transaction between the house and the player is secure.

    • Payment and withdrawal methods

    You are wanting to have fun in a casino and not get headaches. Study very carefully which payment methods are accepted by the online casino, if the alternatives are right for you.

    In addition to the ATM accepted in all Portuguese online casinos, we have Visa and Mastercard credit cards, virtual wallets like Neteller, Skrill and others. Payments via PayPal and MB Way are also well accepted.

    A point of extreme importance is to carefully read the conditions of withdrawals. In general, these operations are carried out by bank transfer, although some casinos also do them through virtual wallets or even credit cards.

    Withdrawals are authorized after sending any document that proves it be the account holder.

      Customer service

    Observe the contact options that the online casino offers to resolve any doubts. They must be via chat 15 hours, email and telephone, all in Portuguese.

    • The most popular games

    Some games stand out in Portuguese online casinos and among them we will mention the most popular ones .

    The Slot Machines

    The slot machine is the favorite entertainment not only for the Portuguese, but for the whole world. These colorful machines with immersive sounds are too flashy and with just one click the fun is guaranteed. Some of them can even offer the player truly millionaire prizes, the famous Jackpots.

    The Roulette

Roulette is another star of online casinos. We can find a lot of variations in this game and seeing the ball rolling in the sphere is one of the greatest pleasures of a player.

The Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular card game and like roulette it also offers a number of variants. The objective of this game is to obtain a certain number of points that must not exceed the 15.

There are other games too sought after in online casinos such as poker, baccarat and blackjack.

Always try to observe the RTP (Return To Play) of each machine. This means the percentage of return to the bettor on the amount played.

Also check if the game is not too complicated, prefer more intuitive games. Finally, don’t forget to risk your luck at the jackpots!

The Portuguese online casinos have been looking to keep up with new technologies and offer applications so that players can play through mobile devices such as smartphones or even tablets. They are available for both Android and IOS systems.

It is a very practical way that allows you to play anywhere you are, for example on public transport.

Online casinos also offer players the option to play for free.

This option is not only interesting for those who simply want to have fun without spending, but also to familiarize themselves with a certain game before registering or making your first deposit.

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