Posthumous Three Years After His Passing, An Unreleased Album by Kenny Rogers Will Be Published

Kenny Rogers’ legacy will live on.

On June 2, a posthumous debut of the late country icon’s unheard songs will be made. The first work by Rogers to be made public following his passing is titled Life Is Like A Song.

According to the press release, the collection is “a stunning and emotional song cycle that tells the story of the love, life, loss, and faith between Rogers and his family.” The emotive project was curated by Rogers’ widow, Wanda Rogers.

It includes eight songs that were “deeply personal” to Rogers and were taken from his back catalog, which he recorded between 2008 and 2011.

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Posthumous Three years after his passing, an unreleased album by Kenny Rogers will be published.

He performs his own versions of “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton and “Goodbye” by Lionel Richie, putting his talents on full show. At Rogers’ funeral last year, a video with the song’s lyrics was aired.

The CD also includes Rogers’ eagerly awaited “Tell Me What You Love” a duet with Dolly Parton.

In a deluxe edition, Rogers also performs “Say Hello to Heaven,” which was originally written by Buddy Hyatt, as well as the renowned track “At Last” by Mack Gordon and Henry Warren, which Etta James is famous for having recorded.

Since his last studio album was published ten years ago, Rogers has only released a holiday album. Additionally, Life Is Like A Song is the only “non-compilation/non-reissued full-length album to be released on vinyl since 1991,” according to the press release.

Along with Tony Brown, Viktor Krauss, Kyle Lehning, and Brent Maher, Rogers produces the album. Along with Warren Hartman and Chuck Jacobs (for the deluxe edition), Randy Dorman, Steve Glassmeyer, and other members of his renowned band Bloodline perform.

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Jason Henke, Ken Levitan, and Wanda Rogers are the executive producers.

“Love Is A Drug,” a “hard-driving, fist-pumping country-rock anthem” written by Rogers and Kim Carnes, serves as the album’s opening track. There is also a performance of Rogers’ rendition of “I Wish It Would Rain” by the Temptations.

The statement stated that the ballad “harkens back to Rogers’ classic soft rock era” and was “brought to life with new instrumentation by celebrated producer Kyle Lehningand in-demand musician/producer Viktor Krauss, who together oversaw Rogers’ recording.”

Rogers passed away on March 20, 2020, as his family tragically revealed in a statement the next day. He was 81.

The Rogers family regrets to inform you that Kenny Rogers passed away at the age of 81 last night at 10:25 p.m. Rogers died quietly at home from natural causes while receiving hospice care and being cared for by his family, according to the singer’s family.