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power force season finale

Power Book IV: Force recaps are provided by Bianca Gregg each Sunday. Following Tommy Egan, a fan favourite who is now building his own empire in Chicago. As Tommy begins his journey to become his own boss, the show introduces a slew of new characters and challenges.
Season two begins with new allies emerging and enemy lines being drawn in tonight’s season finale.

During Tommy’s time with the Serbians, he makes certain they are ready to fight. Mirkovi provides Tommy with two well-equipped soldiers, each of whom is armed to the teeth.

Tommy stops by the hospital to see how D-Mac is doing after his surgery. In the midst of D-coma, Mac’s his father, JP, is determined to prove to him that he will always be there for him. In response to Tommy’s request for help, JP asks Tommy to retrieve medical records from their grandmother’s house. JP’s request is met by Tommy, despite the fact that he is constantly keeping his head swivelling.

‘Power Book : Force’ Season Finale ‘Family Business’

power force season finaleForce: The Fourth Book of Power The season finale of Season finale is just around the corner. Fans have seen Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) adjust to life in Chicago without James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) by his side for the entire first season of the series. The Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI), led by Diamond (Issac Keys) and Jenard (Kris D. Lofton), as well as the Irish mob, led by the Flynn family, appear to be against Tommy now, despite his initial gains.

However, what can fans expect from the finale of Season of the Force, which airs this Sunday?

When will the Season finale of ‘Power Book IV: Force’ air?

Just as Tommy had found his niche with Liliana (Aubury Esparza) and the designer drug Dahlia, things started to spiral out of control for him. Now, in a city he’s just beginning to learn, he’s going to war with very little support. The Force Season finale airs on April 17 on Starz and will provide viewers with an update on the state of both his business and his personal life.

When Liliana died, Tommy and I were both devastated. Deaths are nothing new in the Power universe, as far as I’m aware. The news that Liliana was going to be killed off shook you to the core.

Because she’s one of the best actors out there, I was devastated. This was a mutual decision, and Audrey [Esparza] is a fantastic actor. I believe she would have returned if she so desired. Honestly, I don’t know why she ended up in this situation. Tommy’s death was an interesting experience for me because I tried to convey the sense of loss and anger he felt for the person who had betrayed his growing feelings for her. There was a growing sense of loyalty and connection between her and me that I wouldn’t describe as family. I believe that the loss of Tommy’s trust, which is not easy to earn outright like that and she did, was a great one.

power force season finale

That said, I also tried to keep in mind that this is life, and when it’s time, it’s my time, too! That was my attempt to incorporate it. I’m disappointed, but I’m hoping it was just a very busy moment. Audrey was a wonderful host. I adored Tommy and Liliana’s relationship. When you think, okay, is Tommy going to be down with Diamond, I think it took the audience by surprise. Are Tommy and Walter going to get into a fight? In a split second, it appeared as though Liliana was going to be his life or death. I was devastated when he lost her, and it was a huge moment in my life.

What’s next in the ‘Power’ Universe?

Since filming for Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 is currently underway, Force Season finale hasn’t even begun filming, and Power Book III: Raising Kanan has recently wrapped filming its second season, it appears that we will be returning to the ’90s first. However, we likely won’t see the consequences of Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis), trying to murder his biological father until the fall of 2022.

Power Universe executive producer, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson announced that all of his Starz shows will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. In March, the rapper/actor/ producer shared a post on Instagram ranting about the delay in greenlighting Force for season 2.

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He shared, “FORCE is the highest-rated premiere of any show on the network. when they take too long to greenlight it, it pushes the production timeline back. after tonight’s episode there are 3 left, April 10 it’s a wrap. then 6 months till I have anything new.”

This means that when his show’s do return to the air, we will see Raising Kanan first sometime in October.

Tommy declares to Diamond at the end of the episode that he wants total control over Chicago. Even as he is being investigated by the feds, Rodriguez is also being investigated in Chicago by the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. Is it possible for Tommy to remain a phantom forever?

Joseph Sikora: The answer is no. Like everything else, I believe Tommy’s identity and the way he’s perceived by authorities will evolve over time. Like Tony Accardo and other mobsters, for example. For a long time, the feds had their eye on these Chicago mob figures. For an eight-year period, Al Capone was infallible and dined with judges. I believe that there is corruption at every level, from the streets to the government, but I believe that it can be a fascinating combination.

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There’s a good chance that as they get closer, as we saw in the Power show, no one will have the utmost interest in catching these criminals. That could make for an interesting storyline. There are consequences for everything, and not showing some of those consequences would be irresponsible storytelling, in my opinion.

Power Force Season Finale Trailer


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