Predictions for “Love Island” 2022 from Victoria Sanusi’s Casa Amor!

We suddenly find ourselves back at Casa Amor. Some of the Love Island males, particularly Luca and Andrew, were beginning to become a little too cozy for my taste. And in a shocking turn of events, the girls are leaving for the first time in three years. As Jacques keeps saying, it’s time to “test” those ties. But who will remain steadfast and whose head will turn? Below are my Casa Amor forecasts.

But first, how unsettling was the boys’ response? It appears that Christmas has come early. The most harmful of all? Dami’s response. The way they held each other’s hands in the episode has just strengthened my love and affection for Damiyah, which may be why Sunday night’s show disappointed me. (Yes, it’s depressing.)

There have been Jake Cornish similarities from the previous series, and I must admit, I can see why. Not the least of which was Dami’s prodding of the boys, Luca in particular, to consider their possibilities with the new girls.

My heart almost completely broke when I saw a preview of the prospective kiss with Summer at the end of Sunday’s show. Dami sells dreams, so Amber might have been correct all along. She said they assured her they were solid during a bedtime snog just before she departed the villa on After Sun.

India has also said that their relationship “feels too good to be true.” She might be on to something. Let’s be honest—it was Summer who initiated the kiss—so I’m hoping he would back off and remain devoted to India. Let’s not forget he did send her his ring, even if she didn’t locate it in her suitcase…

Although Casa Amor has a reputation for being harsh, the new girls giving Andrew a harsh reality check were on another level. Don’t get me wrong, necessary, but nasty. The Casa gals came in with a lot of vigor (maybe a little too much?) and are pouring it on thick.

Predictions for "Love Island" 2022 from Victoria Sanusi's Casa Amor!

But by making Andrew aware of how he was being walked all over, they provided a huge service. Free that boy, please! I am aware of Tasha’s self-sabotage prowess because she has established herself as the queen of it, but it is unfair of her to blame Andrew for everything. He has been seen kissing Coco as well, so perhaps he has now realized that he needs to change. Personally, I firmly believe Tasha will be persuaded.

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It was delightful to see Su and Davide’s romance rekindle. How adorable was their date, really? In Lake Como, a honeymoon was given. Even though Davide’s pride is a little getting in the way, it is clear that they are in love. She might be telling everyone in Casa Amor the same thing, but I don’t see her looking around.

I completely anticipate her dropping the L-bomb right there and then if she returns to the villa and Davide hasn’t gotten back together. She simply adores love, isn’t that right? How long will Davide punish her remains to be seen? If that challenge comes back, his remarks about her being “expired food” will undoubtedly take center stage on “movie night.” All eyes are on Mollie and Davide.

The two that should most obviously get back together are Danica and Jay. Was Jay paying attention during the heart rate monitor challenge? Jay has made it perfectly apparent that he has no interest in Danica. and I’m hoping that this is her chance to make a real connection at last. (And just in time, too; she was in grave danger of becoming Hugo Hammond this year.) Jay and Chyna catch my attention, as well as Danica and Josh.

Before the Casa upheaval, Jacques and Paige appeared to be in good shape; nonetheless, I don’t understand how she failed to notice the warning signs. How frequently have you been duped? I was aware that you had Come. Some of the Love Island males, particularly Luca and Andrew, were beginning to become a little too cozy for my taste.

On! It’s not adorable. Here’s hope Billy charms Paige when she wakes up because it’s obvious that they are already starting to connect (even though he can’t make breakfast). Jacques will undoubtedly flirt, most likely with Jazmine or Coco given his personality, but I don’t believe he will readily let go of his grip on Paige.

Again, there are no shocks in regards to Luca and Gemma. They hold up well. Despite her strong front, I believe she has a far deeper affection for Luca than she is letting on. Although they did argue over the possibility of her head being turned, I don’t believe any of the new boys fit her criteria.

Predictions for "Love Island" 2022 from Victoria Sanusi's Casa Amor!

In addition, Afia said that Gemma is “obsessed” with Luca in Heat’s Under the Duvet, Ikenna claimed that they are “equally” into one another on his Instagram stories, and Indiyah called her a “simp” as Gemma hurried over to Luca in the middle of a girly catch up, so there’s that.

I’m sorry, Jack, but I don’t see Ronan Keating and Michael Owen entering the villa together for the parents’ visit episode. The postcard may be a potential narrative twist if Luca discovers that she is sharing a bed.

Although Deji (who has incredible vitality) won’t be entering the main villa, I believe that Coco, Mollie, and Summer will be appearing much more frequently. Here’s to a week of diligent work (and/or observation). Let the mayhem begin.

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