PS5: 5 great games for a terrifying Halloween!

This weekend is somehow special as All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st, a date that also marks Halloween, an American tradition that has spread to the rest of the world.

The era is marked by horror motifs, and video games are no exception. If you’ve already managed to get your hands on a PS5 console, we’ve left you with some game suggestions that can help make the days ahead a little more… interesting.

Actually (almost) all of these games are also available for gamers who still enjoy video play sessions on PS4, so the entire PlayStation community can follow our tips and spend a good few hours exploring fear, terror and the paranormal.

Alan Wake Remastered for PS5PS5


The remastered version of Remedy Games’ beloved title marks the first time a game in the franchise has been available for a PlayStation console. The PS5 version offers new character models, improved textures, superior frame-rates and of course compatibility with the unique features of the DualSense controller.

In this game, writer Alan Wake is grappling with a severe case of blockage and decides to take a vacation with his wife Alice. When it mysteriously disappears, Alan loses a week of memory after a terrible car accident. As if that wasn’t enough, the character is attacked by a mysterious creature during the night, and finds several pages of his manuscript that seem to have come to life.

To navigate the darkness, players will have to resort to a flashlight or other sources of light, handing their defense to various weapons they find along the way. Alan Wake is not a horror and survival game, but rather a huge psychological thriller based on a consistent narrative.

You can find the game on Amazon Spain with a promotional price of €19,98.

Little Nightmares 2PS5


Little Nightmares 2 tells the story of two children who traverse a mysterious city, adorned with spooky elements like murderous puppets and distorted adults. The sequel expands on the ideas of the original title with the addition of situational combat and new threats that the player will have to overcome.

This is one of those games that becomes more fun the less you know about it, ending up becoming a delightful surprise. The PS5 version offers higher framerate and ray tracing, making the environment even more captivating.

You can find the game on Amazon Spain with a promotional price of €10,64.

Resident Evil Village for PS5


The eighth game in the Resident Evil franchise, one of the most beloved of its kind of horror, is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and retains the first-person perspective introduced by its predecessor.

This time, Ethan Winters’ daughter is kidnapped and the protagonist ends up in a mysterious village in Europe. Ethan will have to face demonic creatures, including the popular Lady Dimitrescu, a female vampire who has become famous all over the internet. The PS5 version runs on 60 fps, and uses ray-tracing to improve the image quality, helping to convey a feeling of permanent startle.

You can find the game on Amazon Spain with a promotional price of €45,97.



Returnal isn’t exactly a horror game in its purest form, but Housemarque’s work focuses on a third-person science fiction story with some darker elements. Selene is an explorer who crashes on the planet Atropos, where she realizes that every time she dies, she returns to the accident site. Unique environments and enemies that make this a perfect game for a Halloween evening. The story presents several surprises as Selene finds out more about what is going on in the mysterious palette.

You can find the game on Amazon Spain with a promotional price of €49,58.

Until Dawn

  • Until Dawn was developed by Supermassive Games and is a narrative game that had a huge budget and luxury actors to bring its characters to life. In this game, a group of friends get together for a winter getaway on the anniversary of a tragic loss. However, there seems to be someone, or something, on the mountain with them. The player switches between the various characters making decisions that can dictate their fate.

    What makes this game special are precisely the consequences of the player’s actions, since all characters can live or die, depending on the paths we choose.

    You can find the game on Amazon Spain with a promotional price of €22,38.

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