PS5 is about to receive Apple Music integration

Since the launch of its latest next-generation console — PS5 — Sony has decided to limit its users to just one music streaming service, Spotify. With this decision, the increasingly popular Apple Music ended up being left out of the new console.

This may have been Sony’s strategy to get a better compensation from Spotify, guaranteeing its exclusivity during a certain period of time. If that was the case, the exclusivity period is about to come to an end.

A photo was recently posted on Reddit where the user shows the appearance of Apple Music on PS5 for the first time. This option appears side-by-side with Spotify, even though Apple’s service selection still returns an error message.

PS5 Apple Music

Apple Music may gain more users with its arrival on PS5

The service streaming from the Cupertino giant already has a generous user base, albeit far from the numbers achieved by rival Spotify. Still, it is possible that a launch on PS5 will bring a considerable increase in those interested in the service.

The Sony PlayStation 5 has a huge active user base, making it the perfect platform for Apple to launch an extremely effective marketing campaign for Apple Music.

For now there is no official information about this new integration. Most likely, this user was “lucky” to be presented with an experimental menu, which should be available to everyone as soon as the novelty is confirmed by both brands.

Apple and Sony have a very positive track record with regard to partnerships, especially since Tim Cook’s company turned to Sony’s expertise in launching the Apple TV.

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