PS5: SCUF Gaming professional commando arrives in time for Christmas!

SCUF Gaming has officially announced that its new performance-oriented controller for the PS5 console will be released later this November, just in time for the festive season and to make many fans of the offerings happy. brand.

After successive postponements, SCUF Gaming resorted to social networks to announce a new launch window for the new generation controller for the PS5, adding that the decision to postpone the launch of such an anticipated product was solely related to the constraints in the component supply chain driven by the pandemic scenario.

With PlayStation not yet having an answer on the market at the level of the rival brand’s Xbox Elite, this SCUF controller is already profiled as the best option for the most competitive players who managed to give already the jump to PS5.

PS5 will receive command SCUF Gaming in November

The brand has not advanced so far with a concrete day for the availability of its new professional controller for the next generation console from Sony, but guaranteed that as soon as there is more information, these will be transmitted to interested parties.

Although not much is known about the SCUF Gaming controller for PS5 this seems to preserve the original design of the acclaimed DualSense, but enhanced with competitive features like the rear triggers so useful in titles like Call of Duty , Overwatch or Apex Legends. These additional buttons allow for greater customization of the controller and new options for button functions for the more competitive fanatics.

It wasn’t too long ago that SCUF released the Instinct Pro controller for the Xbox Series X|S, which arrived with “Pro” features like rear triggers, trigger voltage options and the ability to mute the microphone on the remote itself.

PS5 SCUF Gaming

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