Pushpa Part Two: Release Date Confirmed as Producer Strike Stops Filming!

As filming is temporarily paused due to strikes, here is everything fans need to know about “The Rule” until Pushpa’s official comeback with Part Two.

The first week of 2022 was filled with excitement and anticipation for some of India’s most anticipated movies of the year.

To a rapturous response from audiences around the world, Allu Arjun’s long-awaited action picture Pushpa finally debuted on January 7 via the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

Nonetheless, followers very immediately began thinking ahead to the future, and more specifically to the sequel film Pushpa: The Rule – here is everything that we know so far.

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Pushpa Movie Series Will Continue with Part Two

Pushpa Part Two: Release Date Confirmed as Producer Strike Stops Filming!

Due to the scope of the franchise’s potential, the creators of The Rise announced in May 2021 that the complete Pushpa tale would be published as two films.

The production team said in a statement that was published by The Hindustan Times, “The storyline and the characters took on lives of their own and extended to a breadth that needed the movie to be released in two parts.”

In an interesting twist, filmmaker Sukumar reveals that he originally envisioned Pushpa as a web series before the project was adapted into a film and then a sequel.

According to Koimoi, star Allu Arjun already has high hopes for the sequel, declaring, “Genuinely, I’m quite revved up” about the prospect of returning to the legendary franchise.

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What Will Pushpa Part Two Be About?

Pushpa Part Two: Release Date Confirmed as Producer Strike Stops Filming!

The second installment of the film series will be titled “The Rule,” and it will be a direct continuation of Part One, with the goal of providing viewers with “closure to Pushpa’s life.”

In addition, Sukumar would meet with the Ragalahari media to explain the changes brought about by Pushpa: The Rise in comparison to its predecessor, Pushpa: The Rule.

Then he’d say something like, “Pushpa 2 will be a whole new adventure.” It’s safe to say that I have a lot of faith in myself. In the sequel, both Anasuya and Sunil’s characters will have significant growth. There’s a good chance we’ll meet our deadline now that the script is written.

Details on Pushpa’s plot: However, a planned release date for the Rule has been established see below.

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What Date Will Pushpa Part Two: The Rule Release?

Part Two will debut in 2022, as was announced by the production team in May 2021, when it was first announced that Pushpa will have two separate movies.

The film’s release date, December 16th, 2022, would then be announced to the public by filmmaker Sukumar in December 2021.

Even though certain parts have already been filmed, director Sukumar intends to reshoot the entire picture, therefore the script for Pushpa: The Rule has been locked and production will begin in February 2022.

Pushpa Part Two: Release Date Confirmed as Producer Strike Stops Filming!

All of the original cast members from the previous film are presumed to return for Pushpa: The Rule, however, this has not been officially confirmed as of this writing.

Amazon Prime Video will likely debut the picture in January 2023 if the December 2022 release date holds, much as they did with the first film.

A source close to the production told The Indian Express, “We were all set to start the shooting, but the recent Telugu producer’s strike has put a temporary pause on production.” However, at this time we will have to wait until the strike is over.

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