When and How Can an IPO Application Be Submitted via WhatsApp?

Users of Upstox can now use WhatsApp to pre-apply and apply for IPOs. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this innovative industry feature:

Step 1: Click “IPO” and say “Hi” on this WhatsApp number, which is only for IPO applications: +91 9321261098.

Step 2: Verify your phone number by clicking “Yes, proceed,” or “No, change no” if you want to change it.

Step 3: Enter the 6-digit OTP that was delivered to your phone to confirm.

Step 4: We will now send information on the most recent IPOs. Choose the IPO from the list for which you want to pre-apply or apply.

Step 5: Click “Apply now” to continue, and “View other IPO” to view other initial public offerings.

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Step 6: You will now be prompted to enter the amount you wish to bid. If the IPO is oversubscribed, we advise placing a bid at the cut-off price because smaller bids have a lower chance of being accepted.

Step 7: Next, choose from the list how many lots, ranging from 1 to 9, you want to apply for. If you want to choose more than 9 lots, click “more” and specify how many lots you want to choose from the available options.

Step 8: You will now receive a summary of the information related to your bid. Choose “Proceed” to continue, or “Change bid” if you want to make a modification.

Step 9: The final step is to enter your UPI ID.

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Step 10: Click ‘Accept & Proceed’ to submit your IPO application or ‘Decline’ if you decide against applying for the IPO.

Step 11: You may now access the WhatsApp chat at any moment to check the status of your application.

See the video below to see how Whatsapp went public: