Empowering Users to Perfect Their Voice Messages Before Sending!

An eagerly anticipated feature has now been made available to WhatsApp users everywhere. Users can now preview voice messages before sending them using the messaging app.
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Users did not previously have the chance to hear the voice messages before sending them. By pressing and holding the microphone symbol, users had to record their message before releasing it to transmit it. This audio message preview function is something WhatsApp has allegedly been developing for a while.
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The easiest way to communicate without having to compose lengthy messages is through voice communication. You are able to write down and send your exact opinions. Additionally, it is practical for those who prefer messages over calls. The ability to fast-forward voice messages on WhatsApp was just introduced. When you get lengthy messages but don’t have time to listen to them, it is especially helpful.

Here’s how To Listen to A Voicemail Preview

rajkotupdates.news users-can-be-able-to-hear-a-preview-of-voice-message-before-sending-it

  •  Launch the chat window for the person or group to whom you wish to send a message.
  •  Tap the microphone to lock the hands-free recording and slide it up.
  •  Start your message’s recording.
  • When you’re finished recording, select Stop.

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  • Click play to start listening to your recording. In order to play the recording from that timestamp, you can tap any area of the tape.
  • You can tap the trash icon to get rid of the recording if you’re not happy with it.
  • Longer messages can be recorded using WhatsApp’s hands-free recording capability.
  • Click to launch the chat window

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rajkotupdates.news users-can-be-able-to-hear-a-preview-of-voice-message-before-sending-it

  • To lock hands-free recording, tap and slide up the microphone icon.
  • You can now record your message with your hands without using your finger.-free
  • Press the send button once you have finished recording.

Users can do the same by clicking the 1.5x or 2x icons next to the 1x icon to speed things up. You can skip ahead in the voice messages you’ve received.