Ramneek Sidhu, Entrepreneur and Owner of Digital Kings, Is on Instagram

In recent days, Ramneek Sidhu, creator of Digital Kings, and successful entrepreneur has become a topic of conversation online. Learn more about him below.

It doesn’t take long for others to make movies and web postings on people who have recently gone viral on the internet for any reason.

The name Ramneek Sidhu seems to be everywhere these days, but who is this mysterious figure?

Who Is Ramneek Sidhu?


Ramneek Sidhu, 26, is a businessman from Mohali, Punjab.

He started the company Digital Kings, which promotes and advertises Bollywood superstars, Hollywood stars, and musicians online.

Ramneek’s business is centered around helping people establish and expand their online identities using platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

The company’s Instagram page advertises a variety of services, including “web design, branding, and movie marketing.”

Ramneek’s Education and Career

Ramneek Sidhu, Entrepreneur and Owner of Digital Kings, Is on Instagram

His LinkedIn page states that he earned a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from the Rayat and Bahra Group of Institutes.

Before he started his own firm in 2017, he was the head of the digital for a different company from 2013 to 2016.

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According to Ramneek’s bio, he established Digital Kings in June of 2016.

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The popularity he is experiencing is a direct result of the numerous YouTube videos that elaborate on his background and achievements.

Meet Ramneek on Instagram


It’s no surprise that Ramneek’s popularity has skyrocketed; he currently has over 303,000 followers on his personal Instagram.

He seems to spend much of his time in Dubai, but also makes trips to South Korea and Russia, according to his profile.

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His Twitter account is @ramneeksidhu01.

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