Ray J Calls Out Haters for Getting a Brandy Tat… My Sister, It’s My Leg!

Ray J Calls out Haters for Getting a Brandy Tat… My Sister, It’s My Leg!

Even though not everyone is there to see Ray J’s newest leg tattoo, which is a tribute to his sister Brandy, he has some choice words for the critics.

Ray was spotted by us on Thursday at LAX, where he enthusiastically bragged about his new tattoos while also addressing the commenters, most of whom were critical of the work, with a message.

The singer of “Sexy Can I” revealed to us that he got a tattoo of Brandy to express his love and admiration for her. She made him the person he is now, according to Ray J.

The typical social media pictures, some of which — ironically — were taken by Brandy, didn’t seem to bother him at all.


The style of the tattoo, which has a picture of Brandy with blood-red eyes and the words “Best friends 4 ever” on her face, made Ray’s girlfriend feel a little nervous, but he likes it, and that’s all that counts to him.

In fact, he doubles down, declaring that anyone who disagrees is crazy.

Simply put, “It’s my leg, and my sister.”

Ray described his tattoo as “very gothic-like” and termed it the “holy leg” when he posted an image of it online. For those who might inquire, he replies that’s just the artist’s style.

Of course, this comes shortly after Jack Harlow said he was unaware that Ray J and Brandy were related, shocking many on social media… especially in light of the fact that Brandy assisted Ray J in launching his career.

Now that he’s made his point clear, Ray is sending his sister flowers. Keep an eye out, he promises there will be more where this came from.

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