Realme Pad: Price in Europe Reveals Cheap Alternative to Xiaomi Pad 5

The CEO of Realme (Europe and India), Madhav Sheth, recently confirmed that the brand’s latest Android tablet would also arrive in Europe. Now, a new leak of information ends up revealing the prices of the Realme Pad on the old continent.

Currently, the Android tablets from Xiaomi are causing a lot of talk due to their high-end specs and extremely pricey enticing. However, the Xiaomi Pad 5 may still be out of reach for many users, despite having a price starting at only 327 euros at TradingShenzhen.

Realme Pad will be able to deliver impressive performance (albeit less Xiaomi) for an extremely affordable price. According to the new information, the new Android tablet will arrive in Europe with a base price of only 139 euros.

Realme Pad prices in Europe

  • 3GB RAM + 37GB of storage — 200 euros

4GB RAM + 64GB of storage — 289 euros

6GB RAM + 120GB of storage — 292 euros

Realme Pad Specifications

  • Screen:

      IPS LCD

  • , 4″ inches

    Full HD+

  • Performance:

      MediaTek Helio G Processor100

    • Up to 6GB of RAM

      Up to 128GB of internal memory



          8 megapixels


        8 megapixels
      • Drums :


          Fast charging The 18W


            Android 13

            With regard to your specifications, there is no doubt of that the Xiaomi Pad 5 are considerably superior, which makes the Realme Pad an interesting cheap alternative for those on a tighter budget.

          • Xiaomi Pad 5 continue to be the best Android tablets in Europe

            It is true that they may not be the best tablets available on the market in terms of performance level. However, when it comes to price/quality, Xiaomi’s new tablets are unbeatable.

            When you look at their specs, it’s going to be hard not to be impressed. The Xiaomi Pad 5 has a screen of ″, Quad HD+ resolution and refresh rate of 120Hz. To guarantee a superior level of performance, it comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 860, supported by 6GB of RAM .

            Also in the photographic segment we can see that it is superior with a main camera of megapixels. Of course, Smart Pen support is also an important detail for many users, allowing for an excellent level of productivity.

            The base model of the Xiaomi Pad 5 only costs more 64 euros than the more “powerful” Realme Pad, justifying in full the investment.

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