Will Netflix Renew the Mexican Teen Drama Rebelde for Season 3?

Rebelde is a Mexican adolescent rom-com television series. It is a sequel to the 2004 Mexican telenovela Rebelde, which was based on the 2002 Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way, but the Mexican one had a different beginning, therefore they are not related in any way.

The series premiered on Netflix on January 5, 2022. The series recounts the story of some students from a prominent school who are talented in singing and dancing but not in academics. Their goals are dashed when a notorious gang gets in their way.

On IMDB, 2.6K fans scored the series 6.2 out of 10, while both the public and critics had varied views after watching season 1. Viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the series, claiming that they prefer the original over this one.

Release Date for Rebelde Season 3

rebelde netflix season 3

Rebelde season 2 was released on July 27, 2022, and it consists of 6 episodes. The previous season had 8 episodes, thus the makers have reduced the number of episodes this time. If we look at the response to season 2, we can see that the series did not receive much attention.

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Only people who saw the first season followed the second season, although Netflix did not advertise it very well. On June 29, 2022, Netflix released the season 2 trailer, which has received 211K views. If we consider various factors, the odds of Rebelde season 3 look quite limited. The series will most likely finish up the tale in season 2, but if that does not happen, the series will most likely return with season 3 in 2023.

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Is Rebelde Getting a Third Season?

rebelde netflix season 3

The series’ final episode of the second season premiered. Several viewers binge-watched the series only a few hours after its release, and the first thing on their thoughts is whether there will be another season, as many major streaming services are attempting to extend the series as a franchise. Furthermore, several programs are made for the digital streaming platform with new themes, with two or more seasons already approved by the network.

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Because of the increased demand from customers who have enjoyed the content supplied across genres by many newly developed streaming platforms with fair subscription options, it is legitimate for viewers to speculate whether or not this series will continue. Unfortunately, the same cannot be stated for Rebelde Season 3, as the status of the following season is irrelevant.

If not, perhaps the positive reviews and strong viewership will be enough to secure a third season for those eager to see how the sequel unfolds. Fans should thus refrain from acting until the network confirms and accepts this information. Before renewing the series for future seasons, Netflix may assess its performance and reception.

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The Plot of Rebelde Season 3

rebelde netflix season 3

There is no indication of what the plot of Rebelde Season 3 will be, but several significant plotlines have hinted at various scenarios and route the series could take if it is renewed. The plot is intended to pick up after the season one conclusion episode.

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Season 2 Episode 8’s official synopsis is “Otro da que va.” According to the episode’s official summary, “the kids realize that all of the calamities and tragedies of the school year connect back to one individual, so they band together to uncover the truth.”

As a result, Rebelde Season 3 is planned to continue the story in terms of characters and plotlines for another season beginning with this exact point of the closing episode to fill any potential gaps and cliffhangers.

All of the previous episodes have set the tone for the season, which will develop and extend in ways that will keep people interested in watching the show. So it will be interesting to watch how they deal with this increased strain and offer something new to the series to bring the series to a satisfying end.

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Which Rebelde Season 3 Cast Members Are Anticipated to Return?

rebelde netflix season 3

There has been no official word on any cast members being fired from the show.

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For the time being, if Rebelde Season 3 is renewed, several of the primary cast members from Season 2 will most likely reprise their roles. The following are the main cast members:

  • Jana Cohen is played by Azul Guaita.
  • Estebán Colucci is played by Sergio Mayer Mori.
  • Andrea Chaparro in the role of M.J. Sevilla
  • Dixon Alvarez is played by Jeronimo Cantillo.
  • Luka Colucci is played by Franco Masini.
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  • Andi Agosti is played by Lizeth Selene.
  • Sebastián Langarica-Funtanet is played by Alejandro Puente.
  • Giovanna Grigio in the role of Emilia Alo Estefana Villarreal in the role of Principal Ferrer, Celina
  • Marcelo Colucci is played by Leonardo de Lozanne.
  • Lourdes is played by Karla Sofia Gazcón.
  • Gus Bauman is played by Flavio Medina.
  • Okane is played by Saak.

We’d like to note that the network has yet to make any additional casting announcements as of July 30, 2022. Rebelde Season 3 may feature new cast members as well as the departure of certain established characters. As a result, we’ll have to wait for any additional information, which will be provided if the series is officially confirmed, before returning to screens for the next installment.

Rebelde Season 2 Trailer