Recap of ‘She-Hulk’ Episode 8: Daredevil Returns and More Marvel Easter Eggs!

And now, the time that many Marvel fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Daredevil returns in what could be the series’ final episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Episode 8 of Marvel’s Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, is available to watch now on Disney Plus, and it’s a blast from start to finish.

You can either start with the first episode of She-Hulk if you missed last week’s zingy therapy session, or you can read our coverage of that episode here.

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Let’s go into the newest chapter, Ribbit and Rip it, in which Daredevil discovers a new hallway in the MCU to explore, along with more Easter eggs and plenty of spoilers.

The ninth and last episode of this She-Hulk arc will premiere on Thursday, October 6. The complete schedule for when each episode of She-Hulk will be made available to watch online is provided below.

Matt’s Back

Jen is on the wrong side of the law with Luke Jacobson, the only tailor who can make clothes that fit her unusual body type, all because of a naive superhero want to be who turns out – to be an annoying rich kid.

But Luke has another client, and he’s brought in blind lawyer Matt Murdock, aka the horned vigilante Daredevil, all the way from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen to represent him.

Cox’s Daredevil initially appeared on Netflix in 2015, in a series he also starred in.
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With Disney Plus taking over as the MCU’s streaming home, it seemed like Daredevil had been canceled and the other characters seen in Netflix shows, including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher. Now that everyone’s favorite episodes are available on Disney’s streaming service, the much-lamented legal eagle may finally make his comeback.

As they discuss whether or not superheroes have a right to privacy, Jen is forced to do some real legal work thanks to Murdock’s visit. They start off their evening at the Legal Ease bar with a flirtatious conversation over Appletinis until their legal sparring escalates into a full-on brawl.

Murdock implies that Jen, like him, is in an excellent position to accomplish genuine good in court and/or by using superpowers to assist people when the law fails them. He insists, “You may choose.”

A tempted Jen might think this is the “best of both worlds,” but it raises the question of whether these (fallible, human) people should get to define justice especially when it comes to the use of force.

She-Hulk vs. Daredevil

Recap of 'She-Hulk' Episode 8: Daredevil Returns and More Marvel Easter Eggs!

Keeping with the theme of violence, Jen and Murdock are reunited in their superhero guises after a little diversion to listen to tech bro Todd boast about his new Wakandan war spear.

Both Jen’s She-Hulk and Daredevil costumes are making their debut. This mustard and ketchup outfit is a nod to Stan Lee and Bill Everett’s 1964 comic book debut for the character, in which they dressed him in a version of his father’s boxing robes.

After a car chase, Daredevil and Jen get into a fistfight in the parking lot, where Daredevil uses his acrobatic skills to counter Jen’s strength, but Jen’s sonic clap disables his enhanced echolocation hearing.

Thankfully, they decide to work together, despite their differences about whether to use stealth or force to defeat the threat discussed at length in a hidden hideout complete with a neon sign.

Daredevil throws down in a hallway, just like the signature one-take corridor fights from his Netflix show FYI these guys are goons, but they probably didn’t expect their paycheque to involve a brutal baton beating, after an interesting discussion about the semantic distinction between henchmen who believe in an evil cause and goons who are just doing it for the money.

Daredevil and She-Hulk re-rendezvous on a roof after the latter has rescued Luke and the former has found herself a dress for the banquet. They’re getting along great despite Jen’s awful math skills and tendency to cause harm to other people’s stuff. At long last, Jen finds a good guy. This results in a scene that will forever be etched in the minds of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans: Daredevil doing the walk of shame.

Prepare for Marvel’s upcoming “Daredevil: Born Again,” which features a horned and lusty hero.

Episode 8 Post-Credits Scene?

Recap of 'She-Hulk' Episode 8: Daredevil Returns and More Marvel Easter Eggs!

There will be no after-credits sequence this week, but the episode will carry on after the credits roll. “What the hell is going on here?”

As Nikki enters, dressed and fully made up, Jen addresses the crowd and asks. Is the gala still on? Yes, you guessed correctly that the Female Lawyer of the Year Award presentation would serve as the episode’s centerpiece, but the show throws viewers for a loop by jumping right to the ceremony and the episode’s huge twist cliffhanger.

Jen is taken aback to see that she must share the highly insulting prize with numerous other ladies and is even more unhappy to learn that she must share the spotlight with hackers from the Intelligencia website. Slut-shaming and power-grab accusations are served up by a distorted voice and cloaked characters influenced, no doubt, by the signature techniques of the real-life Anonymous movement.

It doesn’t take long for Jen to take the bait and destroy the theater, but before she can apprehend the perpetrator, she’s encircled by the Department of Damage Control.

Suspiciously quickly, the federal government’s superhero division arrived on the scene. Could this be a trap? If you want to know, you’ll have to wait until next week for the series conclusion.

She-Hulk Random Thoughts and Marvel Easter Eggs

Recap of 'She-Hulk' Episode 8: Daredevil Returns and More Marvel Easter Eggs!

This isn’t Matt Murdock’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance after Netflix; in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he appeared briefly as Peter Parker’s lawyer, catching bricks.

Rich youngster Leapfrog, or Vincent Patilio as he was named in the comics and created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan for their Daredevil series in 1966, is the episode’s antagonist.

Like the character Vigilante from Peacemaker, this version of Leapfrog wants to be a hero while having some self-delusion about his abilities as a superhero. Peacemaker is an irreverent HBO series based on DC comics starring characters from the bottom echelons of the DC universe.

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Those who are unfamiliar with the legal community may mistake the names of the winning attorneys for hidden messages. The answer is no.

The sexist host of the event boasts that female attorneys “do everything conventional lawyers do, except backward and in high heels.” Ginger Rogers, the dancer, and actor was famously described as “more than a match for her dancing partner Fred Astaire” in this famous quote the saying was coined or at least popularized by cartoonist Bob Thaves.

Recap of 'She-Hulk' Episode 8: Daredevil Returns and More Marvel Easter Eggs!

Among Jen’s snarky references is one to a “Red Hulk,” an obvious reference to the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

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General Thaddeus E. Ross was the one who recruited Emil Blonsky in the MCU, but in the comics, he too was corrupted into a distorted version of the powerful Hulk.

The prospect of getting “fridged” has Jen worried, too. This is the name given to the plot device whereby the heroine is sacrificed in order to spur the male protagonist to action.
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Gail Simone, a comic book writer, came up with the phrase following a Green Lantern story in which the protagonist finds his girlfriend’s body put into a fridge.