Relationship Timeline Between Clayton Echard and Susie Evans!

On The Bachelor, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans eventually found love, but there were a few hiccups along the way.

On the March 8, 2022, episode of the popular series, the ex-football player abruptly sent Susie home during their fantasy suite date after the videographer admitted she was uncomfortable with him sleeping with the other two contestants, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, one week before he might have proposed to her.

Susie clarified, “In knowing there’s an engagement practically in a week, and there are things I can’t compromise,” before inquiring as to whether he also confessed his love to them. “I don’t think I would be at ease [saying yes] if I’m sharing your affection with someone else.”

Clayton made an effort to explain himself after admitting that he had, in fact, told both Gabby and Rachel that he was falling in love (and that he had been sexual with both women). “I was experiencing sentiments of love with [them], so I slept with this individual to test the strength of the psychic link.

You would just look into that if you were in love,” he replied. Susie acknowledged that she “understands” his perspective, but she was still having trouble connecting it to her emotions.

Relationship Timeline Between Clayton Echard and Susie Evans!

Eventually, after his disclosure, the Virginia native protested that she couldn’t stay with him.

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Clayton accused her of not wanting to “fight” for their relationship and escorted her out. The Missouri native later said that his emotional outburst was regrettable. At the time, the Bachelor claimed that he had given up on finding love on the show.

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After their split episode aired in March 2022, Clayton said on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s “Almost Famous” podcast, “One of the biggest things that I learnt was the power of emotion.” “I watched that I shut down when you let that override reason. And I made a lot of rash decisions that weren’t grounded in reality or the truth.

And while I’ve always understood this, he added, “I now know that I should take a big breath and move aside if I ever feel that overwhelmed again. Just move away after saying, “I need to take five.” I refrained from doing that at the time. I regret not taking a break when I could have just gone outside and requested 20 minutes.

Additionally, I was reminded that reality is perspective and that my reality is one thing while someone else’s reality is another. Whatever people may think about it, that is the truth.

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Susie sobbed in response to being told to leave, “I thought he would have more compassion for me. No matter how much love [we] still had for each other, I just felt that if we had handled that talk nicely, it would have been better.

However, their trip didn’t finish there. Clayton attempted to make contact with the eliminated competitor during the shocking season finale, but his efforts were initially unsuccessful. The couple then admitted that they tried their relationship again after the shooting was finished, despite the fact that she abandoned him at the final rose ceremony.

See how Clayton and Susie’s Romance Developed on The Bachelor by Scrolling Down:

First Impression

Susie and Clayton hit it off right away once she exited the limo. In January 2022, he made an appearance on Us Weekly’s “Here For the Right Reasons” podcast and commented, “Susie was quite entertaining coming out of the limo.” “I prefer someone with a sense of humour.

Relationship Timeline Between Clayton Echard and Susie Evans!

I enjoy seeing someone who is capable of doing something and who then has confidence in doing so.

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Because you imagine that when you exit the vehicle, there are cameras all around you, and you manage to keep your composure and confidence — it says a lot about someone. She made a lasting impression on me.


Susie gained the first one-on-one date, making her one of the front-runners for the TV personality’s affection. Before going swimming in the water in Los Angeles, the couple took a helicopter flight.

Falling in Love

At their unexpected late-night meeting in Croatia, Susie revealed to Clayton that she was falling in love with him. The former pageant queen stated, “On our first date, I felt utter… swept off my feet and I had such a connection with you.

I was putting up walls after witnessing him connect with the other ladies.” But I made a vow to myself before coming here tonight that I would be more open with you. Even though I am aware that there is still a great deal to learn and understand, I do feel as though I am falling for you.

Relationship Timeline Between Clayton Echard and Susie Evans!

Clayton said, “The happiest I have been since the programme started” after hearing Susie admit her feelings. She gave me all the information I required to know tonight, he said.

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“I’m watching things unfold in front of me if I ever needed confirmation that this technique actually works.”

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