Know More About Australian Music Legend Renée Geyer’s Death Which Has Left The Music Industry In Shock!

Renée Geyer, the Australian Music Legend, died at the age of 69. Read more to find out about the cause of her death. How did Renée die?

Who Is Renée Geyer?

Renée Geyer was a famous Australian Singer who was born on 11th September 1953. She died on 17th January 2023. Renee has been regarded as one of the finest jazz, soul, and R&B singer of all time. She had a taste of commercial success when her work as a solo artist on ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s World‘ and ‘Stares and Whispers‘ in the 1970s and the song ‘Say I Love You‘ in the 1980s.

renee geyer cause of death

Geyer had also achieved international fame and recognition and was one of the most sought-after backing vocalists. Her credits include her work like Sting, Chaka Khan, Toni Childs, and Joe Cocker.


Renée Geyer is an ARIA Hall of fame inducted singer according to Billboard. She has had a versatile and grand career that lasted for many decades. Her success and fame were not only limited to her country Australia but also known worldwide.

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She also received critical acclaim for her works like ‘cigarettes rolled in honey‘. Apart from being a talented singer, she was also a great performer who always made sure that her fans had a great time attending her shows.

renee geyer cause of death

The Cause Of Her Death

Early in this week, Renee had gone for a hip surgery. She started facing some complications after the surgery was completed. A talented musical gem was lost when Renee succumbed to those complications and died at the age of 69.

According to an official statement released by Renee’s family when they were announcing her death, they said: “Just last month, Renée sang to a full house and was looking forward to another busy year ahead doing what she loved most – performing for her loyal fans around the country.”

It’s quite rare that patients of who get hip surgery done get complications later, but it happened in case of Renee.

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There are also speculations that the actual cause of her death was lung cancer which was inoperable. It was later confirmed that she had been diagnosed with Lung cancer during one of her visits to the hospital when she was getting treatment for her hips done. The doctors said that even if Renee had lived through the surgery, she would have faced more health issues which would have been added to lung cancer.

Everyone had nothing but sweet things to talk about Renee. People said: “Renée lived her life as she performed – on her own terms and to the fullest. Beloved and respected, she was a force of nature and a national treasure, and her passing leaves a giant void in the Australian music industry.” It is reported that Renee was in no pain at the time of her death and her death was a peaceful one.