What We Know About Rex Heuermann and His Net Worth: The Gilgo Beach Murders

About the Gilgo Beach serial killings, 59-year-old Nassau County architect Rex Heuermann has been detained and accused of three charges of first-degree murder. It took over a decade for the policemen and investigators to unravel the mystery behind the murders of about 10 women. Their bones were discovered along the shoreline on Long Island, New York. Many people are interested in Rex Heuermann’s wealth and connection to the case as the investigation goes on.

The Gilgo Beach Murders: A Decade-Long Mystery

The ‘Gilgo Beach Murders’ are packed with mystery and have remained so for the last 10 years. Since the bodies of at; least 10 disappeared women were found on the shore of Long Island, the teams of investigators have been finding the cues to find the murderer.

gilgo beach murdersThe “Gilgo Four”:

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that four bodies wound up in this area,”

Richard Dormer, the Suffolk County police commissioner

A breakthrough was reached lately, though, recently, earlier in July 2023, when Rex Heuermann was apprehended and charged with three charges of first-degree murder.

Early Life and Career

Full Name
Rex Heuermann
Other Name
LISK, Gilgo Killer, Gilgo Beach Killer, Manorville Butcher, Craigslist Ripper
Criminal Charge
First-degree murder
Capture Status
Suspect in custody as of July 13, 2023
American architect
Wife Spouse Asa Ellerup
Net Worth $ 5 million
Rex Heuermann

Rex Heuermann was born in 1964. He was brought up in Nassau County, New York. He graduated with a degree in architecture from the New York Institute of Technology. Before founding his own business, Heuermann Architecture, in 1995, he worked for several architectural firms following his graduation. He has contributed to a range of projects, including private residences, public buildings, and commercial structures.

“I’ve been working in Manhattan since 1987”


Rex Heuermann’s Net Worth: The Wealth of an Architect Accused of Murder

He may have earned a substantial amount of cash throughout his career since he is an established architect with his firm. But it’s crucial to remember that any discussion of his wealth must be done so with consideration for the victims and their families.

According to sources his net worth is estimated to be around $ 5 million. It is claimed that his profession is the sole source for his net worth being in the millions.

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Arrest Made in Decade-Old Gilgo Beach Murder Case

Rex Heuermann arrestedHeuermann’s American Express records, which they acquired when investigators probed deeper into his life, revealed recurrent payments made using Google Pay to keep a Tinder online dating account active. They served Tinder with a subpoena for the account’s subscriber information, which revealed he had created it under the identity “Andrew Roberts” and had connected it to a burner phone using the AOL email address “Springfieldman9.”

“Frankly, because of the length of time, it took to through this, anxiety grew, but I have to tip my hat to law enforcement. They hung in there this long, and stuck with the case.” 

Mr. Horsely, the former parks commission manager

Using a second burner phone with no known subscriber, the Springfieldman9 account had been set up in 2011 in the name of “John Springfield,” according to the petition. However, Heuermann’s selfies were discovered after a search warrant investigation of the phoney Springfieldman9 AOL account, clearly establishing his affiliation with the identity.

gilgo beach murders

Rex Heuermann allegedly made searches such as “Why hasn’t the Long Island serial killer been caught” and searched for explicit pornography

The identities of the other victims connected to the Gilgo Beach killings have been the subject of numerous theories. Although there are numerous ideas surrounding the case, the reality is still a mystery, and the families of the victims are still waiting for an explanation.